by Peter Loaf

My heart is pounding, my body damp
The barn so quiet, a single lamp
His face is hooded
His loins are wooded
The pussy splitter, my elbows cramp

Monopod binding, ankles and knees
Hanging from rafter, Iím bound to please
Nipple tips aching
Liberties taking
The cooze rope dripping, smelling of cheese

Pheromones spreading, horny you bet
The ropes restraining, I cannot get
Shudder and shiver
Pussy juice river
Ropes squeezing boobies, dripping in sweat

Nipple tips twiddle, breath on my neck
Fingertips tweaking, cannot protect
Clitty touch thrilling
Body so willing
Passion fire stoking, oh what the heck

His penis probing, between my thighs
The cooze rope blocking, my pussy prize
His glands emerging
Libido surging
Dripping tip shining, changing the ties

Hoisted behind me, bent at the waist
Bottom exposing, showing no haste
Knees up to boobies
Nipple clip rubies
Cooze rope removing, taking a taste

Pussy lips swollen, his target wide
Thrusting so slowly, sliding inside
Fuck me froth gushing
Subbie lust rushing
Whole body blushing, taking the ride