by Peter Loaf

The mansion waiting, top of a hill
I pay the cabbie, the night is still
My high heels wobble
Leather skirt hobble
The high gates open, voice from a grill

ďCome up my darling, Iíve been waitingĒ
His voice is cultured, high class dating
Pussy for hire
My inner fire
The steps Iím climbing, ready for mating

The portal opens, as I appear
The butler waiting, face in a sneer
Mini skirt leather
Thunderstorm weather
Parlor conducted, table of gear

Hanks of rope coiled, leather and steel
Bondage intended, part of the deal
The butlerís demand
His Masterís command
Sweater removing, ordered to kneel

A Nerf ball stuffing, a leather mask
Arm sheath heís lacing, a complex task
Elbows together
My arms to tether
Pussy strap cinching, he doesnít ask

Hogtie completed, legs in a bind
Helpless and horny, left for to find
Half naked ready
Fantasies heady
Bound and deserted, to bump and grind

Wiggle and struggle, bubbling pot
Serving girl subbie, part of his plot
The pussy splitter
Covers my shitter
Glory holes blocking, helpless and hot

The door swings open, Heís tall and stark
Graying at temples, His color dark
Snorts like a stallion
Loafers Italian
Wiggle and shiver, eyes of a shark

My clientís boner, trousers tenting
My pussy creaming, sexy scenting
Squatting he touches
Girl in his clutches
Pussy strap loosened, no preventing

Hardbound and helpless, hands running free
Inner thigh soothing, tickling me
Pussy lips swollen
My rising pollen
High hot and helpless, gag muffled plea

Vibrating monster, shoved in my hole
Butt plug ballooning, adding its toll
Pussy strap cinching
My clitty pinching
Puka pump squeezing, birthing a foal

Inner thighs cropping, try to escape
Mouth bum and cunny, triple the rape
Bondage perfection
Passionís infection
Clitty tip mashing, Iím all agape

High horny idyll, nasal screaming
My body responds, pussy creaming
Nipples erecting
Pussy inspecting
Dildo removing, penis gleaming

Face in the carpet, ass in the air
His member sliding, way down in there
Love muscle gripping
His seed Iím stripping
Pussy proud plaything, well serviced mare

With morning release, rubber knee walk
Bag of gold clinking, circling hawk
Standing in portal
His quiet chortle
Pony prick swinging, all the girls talk