by Peter Loaf

Trip to the mountains, me and my man
Elbows together, His Master plan
Ski lodge deserted
Purpose perverted
Ankle thigh bindings, I should have ran

Dental clamp stretching, mouth open wide
The fire crackles, its cold outside
Sitting and waiting
Ready for mating
Hard-bound and horny, shorn of my pride

My Master chuckles, opens my blouse
My nipples studded, the dirty louse
My pussy tickled
My slobber trickled
My clitty throbbing, big as a house

On face positioned, butt in the wind
His big cock pushing, my pussy pinned
My hip bones creaking
Nirvana seeking
Love muscle gripping, his member skinned

Riding his pony, helpless in love
Trusting my Master, push comes to shove
Deeply Hes reaching
My cervix breaching
Subbie space floating, angels above

Face in the carpet, ass in his care
Gripping and stripping, Stallion with mare
Wordlessly screaming
Deeply Hes reaming
Orgasm verging, going nowhere

Fingers find clitty, twiddle and tweak
Helpless and horny, orgasm seek
Hes good at topping
A sudden stopping
Hot cock withdrawing, my pleading meek

In strong arms carried, out in the cold
Hot and so horny, His arms enfold
The day is sunny
Helpless snow bunny
My pussy icing, making a mold

Hardbound and helpless, going nowhere
My passion quenching, just isnt fair
Horny Im hopping
Orgasm stopping
Master my Master, a folding chair

Pussy lips shrivel, my clitty too
The chair positioned, know what to do
His cock I swallow
In snow I wallow
My ears hes gripping, lips turning blue

Deep-throating subbie, gasping I choke
Serving my Master, my tonsils poke
His warmth absorbing
Efforts rewarding
His seed comes gushing, my fires stoke

Back to the cabin, shivering blue
My clit Hes licking, passions renew
The heat awaken
Liberties taken
Passions recovered, bubbling stew

Iced pussy melting, making a mess
My sex is swelling, I must confess
Master my Master
Faster and faster
Clitty lick buzzing, G spot caress

Hoisted to balance, riding His horse
Hands on my body, just enough force
His phallus filling
My juices spilling
Topping from bottom, Master of course

Hard bound and horny, rising in heat
Orgasm building, needy I bleat
Coming together
High in the heather
Master and subbie, couple complete