The Hurdle
by Peter Loaf

The Hurdle A

Hot bottom b-girl, run out of town
A hurdle straddled, my arms well bound
Women united
The torches lighted
Stumble and struggle, a pleading sound

Shuffle foot progress, riding my rail
The women driving, my naked tail
My earnings higher
Burning desire
The village limits, my strength to fail

Driven to forest, left all alone
The hurdle dragging, my sins atone
Bleeding butt shuffle
Iím all kerfuffle
Wet wide and crimson, nipples in cone

The high road empty, rustling brush
A kindness needed, my need is lush
The Sun coming up
My poor bleeding butt
Hard tied and helpless, pussy juice gush

Dragging my hurdle, hurry in fear
Someone to rescue, the dangers near
Pussy unmarried
On hurdle carried
Tar heating fire, gotta get clear

The tar pot showing, to be their guest
Hot tar and feathers, the final jest
The hard wooden wedge
The rough splintered edge
Horse reformed b-girl, my nappy messed

Last second reprieve, tar switched to glue
Itís longer lasting, a trick thatís new
Feathers come drifting
Position shifting
Trollop reforming, my circuits blew

Left free to wander, strange feathered bird
Shaved head and eyebrows, would have deferred
Merciless planet
The evil span it
Friendless and starving, pussy preferred

Hiding in mountains, marked as a whore
The village drunkards, come up for more
Smuggled food dating
Three holes no waiting
Harlot to sex slave, helpless implore

Hurdle B