by Peter Loaf

The cannon booming, the game starting
The subbie trotting, her ass smarting
Helpless encumber
Two balks of lumber
Welts on her bottom, his gift parting

Ten thousand acres, shes free to run
Theres food and water, the warming sun
The stocks are holding
Her wrists enfolding
Her Master tracking, his paintball gun

Climbing she struggles, head for the hills
Naked and helpless, battle of wills
Subbie loves taming
Master loves gaming
Each has a needing, the other fills

Pausing for breather, top of the grade
The valley spreading, her Master made
Tracking her tail
Close on her trail
The thrill of the chase, gonna get laid

Taking to water, breaking the link
Heading back tracking, a horseshoe kink
The game shes playing
The end delaying
The stream inviting, bending to drink

The pellets whizzing, his shout of glee
Splashing from water, she tries to flee
The paintballs smashing
The subbie dashing
The pellets marking, trunk of a tree

Finding a trail, sprinting away
Dodging and weaving, the paintballs spray
Marksmanship failing
The paintballs sailing
Her Master grinning, His game to play

Stopping exhausted, crouching in brush
Her body unpainted, except the blush
Horny puss sopping
Needing her topping
Footsteps in forest, feeling the rush

He chuckles knowing, her scent betray
Breaking from cover, fleshy display
Her bottom stinging
To knees hes bringing
Ropes on her ankles, no more to stray

Spread-eagle helpless, face down and stocked
Bare bottom greasing, bippy-stick shocked
Helplessly waiting
Needing her mating
Subbie-lust simmers, her options blocked

Kneeling behind her, lifting her butt
Filling her pussy, feeding her mutt
Gripping her boobies
Pinching her rubies
Spread-eagle helpless, starting to rut

Riding His captive, making her hot
Cock in her pussy, bubbling pot
Passion storm rising
Pussy grip sizing
Semen spurt squirting, taking his shot

Then when its over, cuddle and croon
The stocks removing, his loving boon
Pussy drip semen
Subbie lust dreamin
Encore desired, hoping its soon