House Party Outing
by Peter Loaf

Front bra connector, panty waist clips
Single sleeve binder, my pussy drips
First ever outing
The drunkards shouting
Bondage fuck party, hard aching nips

Only my lover, knows of my kink
Dreaming exposure, my missing link
Buckled and ready
My pulse unsteady
The door left open, getting a drink

Climbing a gallows, mounting the steps
Half naked subbie, bondage adepts
Tape gag and wadding
Upstairs I’m plodding
Chatter falls silent, subbie accepts

Padded bra needed, pink diamond nips
The panty liner, my dripping lips
Walking to center
Favorite inventer
Moll Flanders’ jenny, fantasy trips

Kneeling before her, face to the floor
Half naked helpless, silent implore
Internet casting
Bondage bug catching
Subbie space sailing, for distant shore

Co-equal partners, Mistress and slave
Molly and jenny, their thrills I crave
By hair I’m lifted
To knees I’m shifted
Standing above me, my soul to save

The partners grinning, brought to my feet
Two on one fucking, double the sweet
Taken to meat hook
My undies they took
Strappado dancing, my bottom beat

Thin nasal screaming, ‘twas ever thus
The cracker snapping, cracking my crust
Nipples and bottom
Smoke if ya’ gottem
Building up passion, building up lust

House Party Outing