Hour Of Power
by Peter Loaf

To bunker taken, stripped of my all
My bondage brutal, hanging in stall
The bomb proof shelter
For helter skelter
Head down and screaming, afraid to fall

A thing for fucking, been put away
Head down and swinging, total betray
My nipples tighten
A coozer fightiní
ďLights! Camera! Action!Ē I cannot stray

Video viral, all over net
Hung up and sweating, all over wet
My Nasal screaming
My secret dreaming
Myself Iím outing, horny I get

Their eyes upon me, in passion moored
The coozer evil, a bungee cord
My clitty pinching
My waist band cinching
Eggs in my baskets, Iím far from bored

Lifetime of hiding, my passions stored
Moll Flanders Castle, I can afford
Outing my subbie
Showing my hubby
Wet dreams reliving, a signed accord

Riding crop coda, my titty hurts
Hour Of Power, my pussy squirts
Half the gate taking
Millions Iím making
A million viewers, the semen spurts

Vibrating eggies, urging me on
My passion playing, death of the swan
Each little wiggle
Cutting up middle
Hung up and horny, taken beyond
Hour Of Power