by Peter Loaf

The castle standing, but changing hands
Taken by traitors, careful laid plans
His daughter screaming
His nightmare dreaming
Half brother bastard, hostage demands

Castle on island, out in the sea
The drawbridge lowered, her screaming plea
The wagon carting
Her journey starting
The Kingdom trembles, her family tree

Father a Baron, Geneva fief
Brimley the bastard, murderous thief
The older sibling
Plotting like Quisling
Hostage delivered, a father’s grief

The traitor orders, “Take her in shame”
“Stripped of her clothing, father I’ll tame”
Hand and foot binding
The ropes tight winding
An open wagon, the village lane

Her father watching, battlements high
His brother beside, soon may he fry
“Cheer up half brother”
“You won’t have another”
Irons detain him, he has to try

The guards are ready, thrown to the ground
Ankle chains hooking, in hogtie bound
An ally needed
A virgin seeded
His daughter captured, his Hell is found

The village watches, silent and sad
Baron defeated, things will get bad
The Captain’s chuckle
Cuirass un-buckle
His eyes are burning, he must be mad

The village leaving, sneaking a drink
The virgin trembles, blushing and pink
The road is wooded
The captive hooded
The wagon stopping, brought to the brink

The soldiers ordered, “Go stand your guard”
His trousers lowered, he’s high and hard
He rolls her over
He’s in his clover
His member pressing, sanity shard

There comes an arrow, right through his neck
A bloody fountain, a human wreck
The Captain crashing
No longer dashing
The captive freeing, but held in check

Highwayman outlaws, murderous men
Her escorts dying, horrors begin
Frying pan fire
Her prospects dire
“Trust me my lady, saving your skin”

Handed some clothing, quickly she’s dressed
Her father’s rangers, she shoulda guessed
His rescue plotting
Too good for rotting
The secret tunnel, with forethought blessed

Underground passage, knife in the back
The castle sleeping, the inky black
The bastard’s surprise
To open his eyes
His victim holding, rope and a sack

From battlements dangled, half brother dead
Lord in his castle, daughter unbred
Her people singing
The joyous ringing
The Baron’s daughter, lady in red