by Peter Loaf

Hopping through darkness, shadows of threat
Monopod bondage, soaking in sweat
The address ahead
By dawn’s early dread
Hiding in shadows, hopping to get

Package delivered, hopped up the walk
My subbie serving, talking the talk
Elbows and knee bones
My nipples in cones
Frankenstein Doctor, eyes of a hawk

Strapped to a table, gag muffled plead
The Doctor’s orders; “You’re here to breed”
I’m left so lonesome
Gag muffled my hum
My God don’t leave me, urgent my need

The buckle breaking, still in my bind
Sitting up slipping, Master to find
My body burning
My fee I’m earning
Hopping beats waiting, elbows unkind

Frankenstein doctor, a douche taking
Lesbian passing, money making
My Master a Ms?
Is this a trick quiz?
Subbie lust hopping, boobies shaking