Hop And Seek
by Peter Loaf

Latex dressed bimbo, hopping along
Apple grove warehouse, to Him belong
Sexy young co-ed
my fantasies fed
Role playing couple, His rope work strong

Hide and seek bondage, our moonlit game
Helpless and hobbled, ain’t it a shame
So horny getting
Whole body sweating
Big boobies squeezing, hot helpless dame

He’s hiding somewhere, my task assigned
Hopping on gravel, spike heels designed
Fancy foot torture
Hiding in orchard
Expertly Topping, my job to find

Overgrown orchard, untended land
Our place for playing, our parties planned
Trespassing posted
The parties hosted
Our playground private, our hunting canned

Back taxes paying, a pittance paid
The deer proof fencing, repairs we made
Three hundred acres
No other takers
Garden of Eden, our games we play

Hopping and stopping, look under stuff
His habit hiding, making it rough
Then when I’m ready
Taken to beddy
High smelling hopper, juicy not tough

His naked body, brambles and vine
The warehouse dusty, His tracks define
Cowgirl and ranch hand
The ransom demand
Hopping near popping, oh Master mine

My wrists and ankles, elbows and knees
Busty hot bouncing, tits in the squeeze
His latex steamy
Subbie lust dreamy
Come fuck me Master, Come fuck me PLEASE!

From thicket calling, my Master’s voice
Hopping i hurry, having no choice
Hardbound and helpless
Of sinning blameless
My path to passion, my pussy moist

The brambles scratching, my naked legs
My lover tethered, by hairy eggs
His hands cuffed behind?
It’s blowing my mind
Laughing behind me, from cider kegs

Spinning I tumble, fall on my ass
Mini skirt hiking, passing some gas
Five men approaching
Out apple poaching
Eden invaded, the rescued lass?

Picked up and dusted, thoroughly too
My latex rolling, pussy in view
My juices dripping
my body stripping
Hard bound and hobbled, taking one shoe

My Master’s shouting, paying no mind
Tangled in briars, testicle bind
Hopping one footed
Gang bangers looted
Taken to warehouse, captors unkind

The third man fucking, sudden gunshot
The shotgun deafens, thicken the plot
My Master standing
His tone demanding
“Flat on your bellies, full clip I got!”

Five rapists joining, me on the floor
Pussy lips prouding, the well used whore
My passion displayed
The passion they made
Treated so gently, never before

The toy chest raiding, hogtied in chains
The rapists taking, circle the drain
Daisy chain making
Nasal ass staking
Circle the wagons, the choo choo train

Racing to bedroom, hot horny pair
After it’s over, scratches I care
Captives unhappy
Daisy chain crappy
Green apple quickstep, the drain is there

The sheriff calling, poachers report
Locked up in warehouse, let lawyers sort
The sheriff chuckles
The straps unbuckles
Daisy chain rapists, criminal court

Winking so knowing, handcuffs returned
Parties inviting, membership learned
The Devil’s Level
Moll Flanders revel
Nightclub for bondage, good money earned

The Molly meeting, first time we went
Her perky person, heavenly scent
A gleam in her eye
“You ever try Bi?”
“Double your money, pleasure invent”

Hop And Seek