by Peter Loaf

The kings favorite, hands of the Queen
Taken to dungeon, horrible scene
My bodice ripping
My body stripping
Spreader bar stretching, three feet between

Lifted to shackles, arms overhead
My body displayed, hanging in dread
The guards dismissing
My nipples kissing
The Queen is gloating, my stomach lead

“Dance for us harlot, dance if you please”
Bippy stick whistles, feeling the breeze
Tippy toe straddle
Big rubber paddle
Bottom beat crimson, my screaming pleas

Inner thighs whipping, the knotted thongs
Kicking and screaming, the heated tongs
The coals are glowing
My panic growing
A strap-on wearing, big as King Cong’s

The sin is not mine, the King’s command
I had no choices, yet here I stand
My pussy dripping
Love muscle gripping
Hands on my boobies, Royal demand

In passion floating, watch from above
My royal fucking, tight as a glove
Next thing I’m knowing
A hook she’s showing
Greasing my anus, quick little shove

A chain attaching, hoisting my rear
On tip toe balanced, panting in fear
Bippy stick hitting
“Punishment fitting”
The welts are rising, feeling Her near

Hanging and hurting, hook up my ass
The bippy stinging, orgasmic lass
Thunder door knocking
The Queen’s rage shocking
Door opens slowly, the King to pass

Two naked women, one on a hook
His blue eyes burning, powerful look
She knows her peril
His face is feral
Bodyguards calling, the Queen is took

My savior turning, to look at me
Three way suspension, my wordless plea
Picking up bippy
Pain/passion trippy
My secret showing, for all to see

Puppet dance jumping, the snubbing chain
Three way suspension, nicely detain
My body burning
My tummy churning
Orgasm crashing, passion and pain

The hook unhooking, lowered to feet
Stepping through spreader, open complete
His cock sliding in
I’m gushing within
Flying united, passions compete

The Queen sequestered, no statement made
Concubine constant, very well paid
My Master and King
The bippy’s hot sting
Subbie lust screaming, innocent maid