by Peter Loaf

Old school tradition, the Master class
The orgy Roman, the captive cast
Subbie space sicko, my vista vast
Slave-girls in irons, scene from the past

Homecoming party, the ten-year stand
Desert deserted, the trackless sand
My thigh still burning, Owner’s new brand
The Kahn commanding, my will be damned

The crowd applauding, mostly the men
The women watching, held in a pen
A Roman orgy, recalling when
Master class bastards, around the bend

My pussy reeking, their noses twitch
Lower lips dripping, in season bitch
Clitty tip swollen, starting to itch
Subbie lust raging, sting of a switch

The men come crowding, a hundred hands
Throat and wrist prison, brutal demands
Master class party, the empty sands
A Roman revel, subbie’s last stand

The dancers dancing, the slave girls serve
Double fucked sucking, Masters deserve
Continuous cumming, my bondage perv
Master class passing, grade on the curve

High wide and helpless, thunderfuck cums
Serving my Masters, the bunch of bums
Hand to hand passing, fucking the chums
Three holes no waiting, gag garbled hums

Master class revels, and so do I
The shackles free me, so that I fly
Pussy lips gripping, old college try
Subbie lust pumping, don’t ask me why

Homecoming party, the endless night
Still in my prison, the shackles tight
My Lord and Master, His Royal Right
The dawn approaches, my helpless plight