Hole In The Wall
by Peter Loaf

The wagon stopping, deep in a woods
The soldiers working, unloading goods
Supplies delivered
The captives shivered
Mumbled protesting, blinded by hoods

Tied to a packhorse, taken away
Straight-jackets buckled, helpless display
Back to back sitting
Their cooze straps splitting
Two captive females, they’ve gone astray

The trail climbing, the scent of pine
Their hooded faces, the tightest bind
Ankle ropes snubbing
Their pussies rubbing
Fuck-me froth stinking, follow them blind

The entrance hidden, hole in the wall
The packhorse leading, through waterfall
Struggle and shiver
The icy river
The secret crater, underground hall

High in the mountains, His secret lair
Padded cell quiet, two captives fair
Serving girls holding
Jackets enfolding
Gagged tight and hooded, the perfect pair

Their families searching, getting frantic
Hoodwinked and helpless, fighting panic
Hobble chain rattles
Straightjacket battles
High in the mountains, caves volcanic

After a minute, visitors come
Hard hands exploring, protesting hum
The cooze straps loosen
Intimate goosin’
Fingers find wetness, the scent of chum

Straightjacket helpless, pants coming down
Flopping fish struggles, turning around
Kowtow position
Men with a mission
Thunderfuck rapist, girls tightly bound

Ass up receiving, pony pricks deep
Pussy lips gripping, it’s hard as teak
The lightning flashing
Their passion crashing
Hoodwinked and helpless, clitty pinch tweak

Bucking and coming, mercy pleading
Soldier’s to service, release needing
Comfort girls holding
Gag muffled scolding
Ten to one ratio, battalion breeding

Rebel headquarters, secret redoubt
The sex slaves serving, straightjacket rout
They just cannot fight
The straightjackets tight
Tape gag with stuffing, can’t even shout

The night it passes, a blur of pain
Two captured lasses, struggle in vain
They try to deny
Their juicy hair pie
Uncounted rapists, the Spanish Main

Finally it’s over, a chance to think
How many the times, taken to brink
Needle remembered
Thinking dismembered
Orgasmic dreaming, ankle chains clink

Manservant coming, armed with a straw
First taste of water, casual paw
Their panties returned
A respite well earned
Final strap tightened, the cooze strap’s law

Hoodwinks removing, sudden bright light
Straightjacket hobbles, trying to fight
Their eyes adjusting
The scene disgusting
Padded cell locking, “Try to sleep tight!”

Hole In The Wall