Hold Still
by Peter Loaf

My car Iím parking, six blocks away
My high heels clicking, the break of day
The address checking
To storefront trekking
My tummy churning, my feet of clay

The buzzer buzzing, pushing the door
The store deserted, expected more
The windows painted
Atmosphere tainted
The deadly silence, wet to my core

A curtain parting, heís big enough
ďTake off your clothing,Ē His order gruff
My dress unzipping
My panties slipping
Standing there naked, muscle-bound tough

Restraints are waiting, buckled in place
Watching it happen, a tinny taste
On table sitting
Itís only fitting
My wishes nothing, my heart beats race

Singletree lowered, hooked to my feet
My arms attaching, feeling my heat
Hoisting to ceiling
Helpless Iím feeling
Hanging inverted, helpless complete

Patting my pussy, greasing my bum
His Johnson stirring, reason I come
Pussy studs fiddle
Kiss in the middle
Bungee cord stretching, getting me some

Hung by my pussy, ankles and wrists
Gripping my titties, each of His fists
My nipples pinching
Inverted lynching
Sucking my clitty, hot horny mist

A crop comes cutting, jerking reflex
Labia stretching, feelings complex
Broken string puppet
The ante up it
Bottom cheeks burning, upended sex

Dildo vibrating, shoved down my ass
Toothbrush electric, it comes to pass
High wide and open
Slippery slopiní
Subbie lust Mastered, give it the gas

A ring gag fitted, pull up a chair
His big cock thrusting, gripping my hair
Kick wiggle gasping
My tonsils grasping
High horny helpless, gulping for air

Mind blanking passion, the crashing storm
Hung up and helpless, forced to perform
Services tendered
Services rendered
Moneyís worth getting, orgasms swarm

Hold Still