by Peter Loaf

His captive complete, locked up in steel
Bent and presented, helpless I feel
My pussy pinking
Pheromones stinking
Left on my lonesome, part of His deal

A time for thinking, time for regret
Naked and helpless, you better bet
His irons folding
My body holding
A royal fucking, Iím gonna get

Hours of silence, the basement cell
My butt cheeks numbing, labia swell
The itch I canít scratch
My wide hungry snatch
Wiggle jerk struggle, His irons quell

Subbie submissive, needing His cock
My nipples aching, the ticking clock
Waddle butt inching
His irons pinching
Nowhere Iím going, the ticking lock

Footsteps descending, the lights go out
Shackled and helpless, pheromones fount
His presence feeling
His piglet squealing
Lifted positioned, ready to mount

Lying on cushion, feet in the air
Bippy stick swishing, hyper aware
Nipple rings threading
Pretenses shedding
Pussy spread tickle, His tongue in there

Moaning in passion, lifting my sex
Licky slick probing, stacking the decks
His business knowing
My juices flowing
Held in His irons, under His hex

My pussy clenching, needing His meat
Helpless in shackles, control complete
My passion rising
My passion prizing
My Master Masters, my sweetest treat

Shifting position, His foreskinís touch
My mumbled desire, my pussyís clutch
Itís big as a tree
Drawing within me
Screaming in passion, Ďtwas ever such

Riding my Master, feeling his cock
Long hot and thrusting, hard as a rock
Thumb on my button
Smelling His mutton
Slipping and gripping, shock after shock

Change of position, flipped over front
Kneeling behind me, filling my cunt
Hands gripping boobies
My ring stretched rubies
Harder Heís thrusting, deep in the hunt

Held in his irons, filled to the brim
His cock unlocking, my eager quim
Screaming and needing
My pussy breeding
Master my Master, seeding within

The morning gentle, cuddle and coo
Our bed of roses, our love renew
My needs fulfilling
My Master willing
His subbie sated, my dragons slew