The Highwayman
by Peter Loaf


Coach and four horses, rolling through woods
Guarded by soldiers, twenty men strong
Keeping eyes open, as well they should
The road has hazards, the night is long

His lordship whispers, down to his charge
"We should have taken, the other way"
"This forest unsafe, unlike your barge"
"I begged your Highness, you would not stay"

The Princess looks out, her face so pale
"Time of the essence, running so fast"
"The barge is too slow, we must not fail"
"My Father in chains, how can he last?"

"How will it help him, if you are lost?"
"Taken by outlaws, along with gold"
"The King and Princess, double the cost"
"To save a few days, overly bold"

"Follow your orders." Curtain closing
The Princess sits back, needing to rest
She closes her eyes, soon she's dozing
Trusting her escort, will do their best

Soon she is dreaming, good times return
Her father the King, ruler so wise
A Kingdom at peace, while others burn
Free of the Empire, just the right size

Prosperous Kingdom, refuge from strife
Protected and safe, mountains surround
A natural redoubt, a peaceful life
A Heaven on Earth, blessings abound

Outside is chaos, four horsemen ride
Wars of religion, Conquest and greed
Famine and disease, Death stalking tide
Europe on fire, Humanity treed

Then came the trouble, border dispute
The Prince to the North, grabbing some land
The King goes in peace, claim to refute
Seized as a hostage, ransom demand

Awake with a jerk, the coach is still
Lifting the curtain, to see what's wrong
A copse deserted, before a mill
Gone are the horses, so swift and strong

Moonlight in forest, dappled and pale
Rushing of water, the only sound
She knows her mission, fated to fail
Lord Wolf and escort, nowhere around

Armed with a dagger, gift from the King
Betrayed by her men, left to her fate
Princess alighting, taking to wing
Ransom abandoned, packed in it's crate

A night of terror, lost and confused
Running through brambles, stumbling blind
Red herring ransom, her tactic used
Tearing her clothing, voices behind

Keeping to shadows, wading up stream
A Princess alone, praying for luck
King's ransom in gold, highwayman's dream
To buy her a chance, capture to duck

Fleeing in darkness, dagger in hand
Girl in the forest, escaping fate
Get to her kingdom, if only she can
Ransom her father, if not too late

Then if they're lucky, hunting they'll go
Finding the traitors, Wolf and his guards
Turning the tables, her fear they'll know
Justice for traitors, justice that's hard

Then with a rustle, a shadow moves
Blocking her progress, drawing his blade
Dagger held ready, she knows she'll lose
Louis the Lizard, man against maid

"Let go your weapon." Voice from the side
Lord Wolf the traitor, rope in his hand
"A shame to kill you, come for a ride"
"Hostage for ransom, wealthy your land"

The Princess attacks, knowing she'll lose
Her only option, her death instead
Taken as hostage, she would not choose
The flat of his sword, hitting her head

Swimming to surface, up toward a light
Moaning is muffled, her mouth won't close
Head like a hammer, she cannot fight
Bound to a horseback, stripped of her clothes

Naked and helpless, guardsmen surround
Laughing and joking, a Princess bride
Her body displayed, so full and round
Face up and backwards, so tightly tied

The sacks of her gold, taken from crate
Lord Wolf and his men, taking good care
Hanging from saddles, a heavy weight
King's ransom is theirs, his daughter to share

Riding through morning, helpless and lewd
The captive Princess, body displayed
Twenty-one suitors, joking and rude
Princess in bondage, Princess betrayed

Stopping for water, out comes the rag
Girl on a horseback, unable to close
Hands on her body, a prancing nag
Watered like live stock, some up her nose

They're trotting along, girl under guard
Stretched over backward, no way to ride
The sun is shining, she's bouncing hard
Hands bound behind her, legs on each side

Lord Wolf beside her, enjoying the sights
The Princess of Pride, gagged and exposed
Helpless and female, her bondage tight
A slave to all men, tied in repose

Then an idea, some harmless fun
"WHO HERE CAN RIDE HER?" His voice rings out
FUCK Her On Horseback, who'll Be The ONE?"
The men start laughing, starting to shout

"I'll ride the Princess, ride her to town"
The Sergeant At Arms, gripping his groin
"No! He's too portly, the fat old clown"
Cries Louis Lizard, spurring to join

His Lordship pulls up, stopping to think
Her mount swings around, following lead
The next thing she knows, the gold coins clink
Louis the Lizard, playing to greed

Then spurring away, making a dash
"Louis the Lizard, the first to try"
Wolf laughingly calls, counting his cash
"Fuck at the gallop, pussy to pry!"

Tied in position, where she must watch
Helpless young Princess, seeing him gain
His eyes on his target, hair covered crotch
Their head start soon gone, a three horse train

Then leaping over, quickly it's done
Landing on withers, a nasal scream
Horse nearly stumbles, then gallops on
Louis' a horseman, pussy to ream

Lord Wolf glancing back, face splitting grin
Steers for low bushes, her horse beneath
Eyes full of Princess, heart full of sin
Louis the Lizard, loses his teeth

The Nags are winded, tired and slowing
The next man in line, Sergeant At Arms
Lord Wolf calls a halt, frothing and blowing
"Someone help Louis, see if he's harmed"

The Princess in panic, too near a thing
Louis the Lizard, hung like a mule
Bound in position, knotted ropes sting
Impaled on his horn, ripped by his tool

"You are a Princess, a ransom large"
"Also you're Female, and they are Men"
"And for the privilege, dearly I'll charge"
"But first some foreplay, then we'll begin"

The girl on the horse, panic betrays
Helpless and open, face up she's fixed
Fighting her bondage, she's tied to stay
Gag muffled screaming, struggles and kicks

New band of outlaws, gold and the girl
Traveling onward, away from home
Back breaking bondage, head in a whirl
Nightmare on horseback, tired to the bone

Bivouac at sunset, far enough west
Lord Wolf exhausted, time for a sleep
Bed for the Princess, not for a rest
Spread-eagle bondage, captive to keep

Lord Wolf stands over. "Here she is men"
Outlaws stand watching, horny and hot
"Her pussy spread wide, inviting sin"
"Spread-eagled and gagged, willing or not"

"The castle awaits, the bitch to sell"
"But for tonight, let's ring her bell"
"Fuck her me buckos, and give her hell"
"Princess of Passion, left as a shell"

Then walking away, looking at trees
Lord Wolf the Outlaw, washes his hands
The portly Sergeant, down on his knees
The Sergeant At Arms, forthright plans

The sound of a sword, drawn from a sheath
"I Louis Lizard, paid to be first"
The tone a warning, through broken teeth
"Get up good Sergeant, you're in my birth"

A Sergeant enraged, the prick of steel
Slowly he rises, false grin in place
"Be my guest Louis, a deal's a deal"
Spins with one movement, smashes his face

The Princess below, cur guarded bone
The Sergeant above, standing declares
This Pussy is MINE, and MINE alone!"
Men mutter and grunt, hostile the stares

Then kicking the Lizard, out of the way
He bends to his task, sniffing the air
"Watch if you want to, I'll make her pay"
He lowers his head, kisses her there

Tied in spread-eagle, stretched on the ground
The Princess is forced, her rapes endless
Teamfucked in bondage, circle around
Cum tracks on body, puddles of piss

Then in the morning, back to the pose
Her hands tied behind, ankles in straps
Bleeding and filthy, near comatose
The Princess parades, bait in a trap

Lord Wolf is greedy, too smart by half
Selling the Princess, her Father's foe
Rides there beside her, starts to laugh
"Prideful young Princess, the high brought low"

The Gray Goose feather, plus sharpened steel
A long bow arrow, flies straight and true
A moment of shock, too soon to feel
Feathers on forehead, Death striking through

"STAND AND DELIVER!" The archer's call
Lord Wolf collapses, falling to Earth
The Bushes have faces, and long bows all
Highwayman's roadblock, proving it's worth

The Guardsmen are caught, leaderless band
Surrender or die, just like their Lord
Outnumbered by twice, foolhardy stand
Give up their Princess, and golden hoard

Then comes the leader, hair of spun gold
Helps her dismount, gentle his aid
Cutting her bondage, cloak for the cold
Son of a Viking, fathered on raid

Taken to hideout, deep in the wood
Nursed by old women, given a bath
Sympathy and tea, ointments so good
A needed venting, womanly wrath

Guardsmen in coffle, chain running back
Captives for ransom, slaves soon to be
The Sergeant At Arms, leading the pack
Naked and helpless, thick as a tree

Restrained in a stocks, abject lesson
Hobbled in shackles, gelded he's been
Old woman's justice, two hour session
Lead by a nose-ring, before his men

The Princess reacts, trying to rise
Held in her weakness, by kindly hands
The Sergeant gelded, cut down to size
Revenge is her passion, her pride demands

Then it is over, the coffle passed
The Princess accepts, a Royal gift
His cock to be hers, preserved to last
A keepsake trophy, her spirits to lift

Highwaymen outlaws, driven from farms
Their Prince too greedy, taxes and rents
A bloody usurper, spreading alarm
Fleeing to forest, living in tents

A common foeman, nature's allies
Impregnable castle, hulking stone heap
Her Father's captor, the "Prince of Lies"
Held for a ransom, in dungeon deep

Talking with Leader, late the next day
Her strength returning, the bleeding stopped
Rescue her Father? Ransom to pay?
Which options open? Which options topped

"The Prince wants the gold, more thugs to hire"
"We cannot allow, too many now"
Highwayman leader, stirring the fire
"Rescue an option, rescue but how?"

The Sergeant stubborn, no more to lose
But Louis Lizard, anxious to talk
Lord Wolf the traitor, his side to choose?
Pouncing on pigeon, species of hawk

Prince knows she's coming, gang raped and shamed
Breaking her spirit, eyes on her land
Done by his order, Royal to tame
First the two ransoms, then the command

Marry the Princess, take her to bed
Restrained for his safety, the way safest
Join the two kingdoms, with him the head
Power his passion, a World Rapist

A slave girl Princess, warming his bed
Her Father captive, held as hostage
Brood mare in shackles, better off dead
The Princess of Pride, held in bondage

The Princess smiling, grinning with hate
A first light rescue, balance to shift
If walls are too strong, open the gate
A Trojan horse ploy, Greeks bearing gifts

Highwayman leader, getting the plan
Voices his protest, the risk is great
"Trojan horse Princess, you're sure you can?"
"Rescue my Father, before too late"

Princess and outlaw, allies and more
Bring down usurper, destroy his keep
Bound and delivered, slave girl whore
Rescue the hostage, a victory cheap

Dressed in Wolf's livery, twenty men strong
Party of "Guardsmen", so hard they ride
A naked young Princess, riding along
A "Sergeant At Arms", riding beside

Prince is expecting, Wolf and his men
Lord Wolf he has met, the Princess too
Helmets and clothing, tickets within
"His Lordship delayed, will be here soon"

The Prince on the wall, dressed in his best
"Lower the drawbridge, open the gate"
"The Princess is tired, needing a rest"
"Lock her in tower, Chamber Of State"

Hiding in forest, the peasants hold
Awaiting a chance, castle to rush
Crossing the drawbridge, a Princess bold
Enter in bondage, the Prince to crush

Word travels quickly, sight to be viewed
Gather in Courtyard, captive displayed
Battlements empty, a Princess nude
"Sergeant" gives signal, a bugle played

Holding the portal, cutting her bonds
The peasants revolt, surprise complete
Thugs make poor soldiers, doesn't take long
Seeing his danger, the Prince retreats

A final refuge, the castle's keep
Baring the doorway, starting a fire
Princeling usurper, the stairway steep
Leading his hostage, higher n' higher

The Prince and the King, up on tower
Her father in chains, a human shield
Ambitions in flames, fleeting power
The giblet awaits, he will not yield

"Throw down your weapons, or watch him die"
The Prince calling down, the mob below
The tower burning, flames licking high
His power destroyed, a bending bow

Perched on battlement, leader outlaw
Awaiting his chance, a target clear
The King makes a lunge, to roof he falls
The arrow is loosed, Prince turns in fear

The Gray Goose feather, plus sharpened steel
A long bow arrow, flies straight and true
A moment of shock, too soon to feel
Feathers on breastbone, Death striking through

The Prince falls over, leaving the King
The tower is burning, stairs in flames
A coil of strong rope, just the thing,
Thrown down and stretched, rigged to a frame

Hanging from shackles, sliding on rope
The King is rescued, the nick of time
Father and daughter, the birth of hope
The outlaw betrothed, continue their line

Services rendered, earning this prize
From outlaw to King, popular choice
Dynasty founder, bright blue eyes
The Princess his Queen, twin little boys

Now the two kingdoms, are ruled as one
Queen and her consort, the peaceful life
Blessings of plenty, under the sun
Refuge of knowledge, far from the strife