Hide and Seek
by Peter Loaf

Hide and Seek A

A day in April, mild and warm
Breaking for Easter, up on his farm
Woodlot deserted
Co-ed perverted
“Let us get naked, where is the harm?”

“Count to five hundred, I’ve got a plan”
“College kids frolic, catch me you can”
The dry leaves crackle
Easy to trackle
Counting so slowly, the game began

Finally done counting, opens his eyes
She stands before him, presenting prize
A coil of soft rope
Her eyes full of hope
“I need submission,” end of her lies

He’s grinning stupid, secret dreaming
Her pussy peeking, dripping creaming
Afraid he’ll blow it
Afraid she’ll know it
The woods deserted, devil scheming

Wrists bound together, up to a tree
Ropes on her ankles, she cannot flee
Beauty exposing
Pussy he’s nosing
Licking her clitty, her whispered plea

Captor and captive, plotting his course
Tit suckle thinking, finding his source
Primping and pleading
Needing exceeding
His organ stiffens, rising life force

Walking around her, come fuck me looks
“It’s OK honey, I found your books”
“If bondage you dream”
“We’ll make a good team”
“My body is aching, liberties took”

The tree unbending, keeping her there
A switch selected, searching with care
Swollen and dripping
Her boobies ripping
The welts come stinging, feet in the air

Hung up and kicking, answer to prayer
Her nipples burning, climbing the stair
His needs fulfilling
She’s more than willing
Self bondage nothing, does not compare

Her bondage changing, ankles behind
Her pussy gaping, half out of mind
He stands before her
His stiffened borer
She whimpers pretty, girl in a bind

Once more to altar, down on his knees
His tongue intruding, her buttock squeeze
Subbie lust squirting
Nipple tips hurting
Raging bull coming, phallus to please

Pain pleasure passion, under the sun
An end to searching, he is the one
Her titties gripping
In vulva slipping
They come together, the race is won

Hide and Seek B