by Peter Loaf

Searching for riches, back of beyond
America needs, new oil pond
Amazon basin
Mission for Jason
Golden fleece searching, to ad respond

Ten men and a girl, chugging upstream
Geologist crew, American dream
Satellite mapping
Harness gag strapping
Gift for the natives, part of the scheme

Handcuffed and naked, leash and collar
White woman helpless, cant even holler
Given as token
Promises spoken
Wealth beyond dreaming, almighty dollar

The chieftain chuckles, taking her lead
Nipple clamps pinching, subbie in need
A slave well broken
Late of Hoboken
A contract signing, mineral rights deed

The chieftain leading, the jungle trail
White skinned and helpless, new piece of tail
Loincloth hes tenting
Pheromones scenting
Amazon princess, Amazon male

Brought to his village, high on a hill
Shorn of her freedom, shorn of her will
The natives gather
Pussy drips lather
Slave honey running, fantasies fill

To ad responding, subbie lust drive
Her life shes trading, feeling alive
Life in Hoboken
Promises broken
Starting life over, escaping hive