by Peter Loaf


Knee ankle bindings, a milking stool
Arm bindings holding, a subbie fool
Helpless and hopeful, dribbling drool
My body blushing, his sexy tool


My hands are useless, behind my neck
My dress heís lifting, hey what the heck
Body scent gifting, pussy juice fleck
Hardbound and swollen, the canted deck


My dress is lifted, blocking my sight
Hardbound and helpless, I cannot fight
The hem in gathers, binding it tight
Half naked body, out in the light


My pussy gushing, soaking right through
My bottom slipping, my passion stew
Subbie lust swimming, Ďtis nothing new
Headless and horny, gooey as glue


Sitting and waiting, horny and hot
Helpless young subbie, so hot to trot
Needing some seeding, taking my shot
Topping my bottom, our storyís plot


Waiting for caning, pussy juice gush
My body inflamed, itís such a rush
Hardbound and blinded, my panting hushed
The cane comes pain-ting, His passion brush


A stripe of fire, across my ass
Gag muffled screaming, the helpless lass
Nowhere Iím going, give it the gas
Headless hot target, showing my brass


My subbie surrender, mumbles and cries
Gag muffled pleading, shocking surprise
Cattle prod poking, quivering thighs
Jerking and squiring, subbie lust prize


Headless lap dancing, gripping His shaft
Fireworks flashing, driving me daft
Subbie-lust peaking, the deepest draft
Thunderfuck filling, His Master-craft