by Peter Loaf

Captive young subbie, left in a barn
Hoe handle holding, whole lotta yarn

Wraps on her shoulders, wraps on her wrist
Wraps on her elbows, tied in a twist

Gagged spread and helpless, lying on back
Pussy lips pinking, a salmon snack

Nipple clamp leashes, stopping the kick
Her Master grinning, bending to lick

Gag garbled pleading, nipples in stretch
His tongue is dancing, the dirty letch

Hoe handle holding, trumpeting lips
Expert the topping, cashing her chips

Lifted up sitting, no better off
Hoe handle holding, her arms aloft

Keeping her balance, ripping her nips
Panting in passion, subbie lust drips

Hung on a hummer, playing her song
Pussy proud subbie, praying for dong

Looking like eagle, pouncing a mouse
The subbie’s pussy, big as a house

Her Master tending, his bippy stick
Her bottom welting, striking so quick

Hung high and helpless, her passion show
Pay per view millions, world’s richest ho