by Peter Loaf

The cuffs and hobbles, the spiky shoes
Each time I stumble, another bruise
The road deserted
Senses alerted
Silent frustration, it’s hardly news

The ring gag garbles, I cannot plead
The country wooded, shelter I need
The bushes rustle
I try to hustle
Hobbled and hampered, needing to breed

The road is gravel, softened by rain
Naked and helpless, horny in pain
Subbie space creaming
Fuck-me froth streaming
Fear brings my passion, tough to explain

The moon throws shadows, darkness surrounds
Helpless and naked, my heart it pounds
The hampered walking
The perverts stalking
Game in the Valley, Moll Flanders town

For service paying, each one of us
Moll Flanders castle, the station bus
Sexual tension
Belief suspension
Masters and subbies, what is the fuss?

The bushes rustle, masked man coming
Hobble quick screaming, pussy chumming
Hand on my shackles
Kinder than tackles
Master and subbie, my ears humming

Dragged into shadows, dangling ropes
Hoisting my handcuffs, slippery slopes
Hand gripping titty
Showing no pity
Thunderfuck phallus, stretched pussy copes

Up walks a second, masked just the same
My nose he’s gripping, sucking his game
Double fucked strangers
Passion arrangers
Pussy lips gripping, staking my claim

Gag gargle choking, lips turning blue
Orgasm crushing, it’s coming through
Two cocks deposit
Out of the closet
Subbie pain slutty, Moll Flanders crew

My wrists releasing, pat on the rump
My night of walking, breaking to stump
My path is shining
My life defining
Slave slutty pervert, out here to hump

Mask wearing strangers, I cannot tell
Some are humongous, some are just…well
A brisk competion
My helpless position
By morning boring, a hollow shell

“Your rescue waiting, end of the road”
He picks up a switch, use as a goad
Hobble quick stagger
Shorn of my swagger
Hobbled and hampered, my row well hoed

Off in the distance, the waiting bus
Cum stains and bruises, hardening crust
The subbie submits
Shuddering fits
Moll Flanders Castle, Valley of Trust