Gravel Road
by Peter Loaf


Climbing His mountain, my turn at last
Cuffs and a collar, out of the past
A web cast making
The captive shaking
Mountain man Master, rest of the cast

Riding his stallion, leading the way
The chain connecting, the skies so grey
Helplessly shackled
The cards are stackled
The mountain climbing, my very first day

Two weeks I’m paying, my passion play
I’ve seen his movies, my feet of clay
The stallion jerking
My subbie lurking
Top of the mountain, my two week stay

Mountain Man naked, so buff and strong
Hung like His stallion, so thick and long
My pussy dripping
On gravel tripping
High heels removing, my subbie song

Crushed rocks and gravel, hurting my feet
Climbing in bondage, helpless complete
The Master grinning
Just the beginning
Master of Masters, word on the street

He knows his business, he knows my heart
He brings to passion, the highest art
Subbie lust tripping
My dress he’s stripping
My tittie gripping, “How shall we start?”

Dripping and tripping, climbing again
Don’t want a dragging, saving my skin
On sharp rocks dancing
Subbie enhancing
The pain in my tootsies, the fire within

The farm house passing, heading for sheds
The bunkhouse passing, its iron beds
In silo hanging
A distant banging
Mountain Man busy, earning his bread

Final dismounting, gripping my chain
Pulling me to him, wincing in pain
His boner pointing
Navel anointing
“Come to my stable, the rules explain”