by Peter Loaf

Arms in a binder, my elbows trapped
Red leather holding, buckled and snapped
Dark and deserted
Purpose perverted
my Master’s subbie, my fanny slapped

The moonlit mansion, top of the hill
Helpless to struggle, filling the bill
Tripping on cobbles
Thigh-boots and hobbles
Master my Master, implacable will

The doorbell ringing, a distant gong
The door squeaks rusty, an eerie song
The darkness waiting
i’m dressed for mating
Naked young captive, my Master strong

Follow the candle, up the dark stair
Humpbacked the servant, his Master’s lair
The Game we’re playing
The piper paying
Gothic adventure, trying to scare

Nipple-tips swelling, dripping with sweat
Passion blush spreading, my pussy pet
Climbing the tower
Under His power
my signals sending, my pussy wet

Moll Flanders Mansion, a Tuesday night
Arm-bound and hobbled, shivering fright
Gothic night revels
Dancing with devils
Pussy lips pouting, nips crinkled tight

Gag ball so filling, eyes full of lust
subbie so willing, smelling of musth
Wide-on declaring
Ready and raring
subbie lust bubbles, bundle of trust

The crowd has gathered, the ballroom dark
The shadows shifting, circling shark
Naked and dripping
subbie space tripping
High horny helpless, feelings so stark

The gothic shadows, Moll Flanders club
The binder holding, hobble chain snub
Pink nipples pouting
my Master outing
Horny i’m honking, His lusty sub

The dance demented, belle of the ball
Hobble-step waltzing, around the hall
Dime-a-dance doxy
Flustered and foxy
subbie-lust swirling, giving my all

Hands hot and knowing, stoking fire
subbie-lust rising, burning pyre
my Master caring
my passion sharing
Hobbled and handled, His desire

The music over, left on the floor
Hand bound and shackled, His naked whore
Needful and open
Horny and hopin’
Gothic night revels, needing some more