Golden Gate
by Peter Loaf

A solo sailor, out on her own
Hobbie-cat skimmer, the bay to roam
Golden Gate calling, places unknown
Offshore adventure, just her alone

The mighty towers, reaching the sky
Hobbie-cat tiny, the seagulls cry
Ocean waves breaking, tough keeping dry
Sailing to China, sheíd love to try

Checking her compass, sail up the coast
The offshore breezes, making the most
Hobbie-cat stable, the salesmanís boast
Tiny day sailor, the sun to toast

Afternoon napping, the flapping sail
The sea so peaceful, a snorting whale
Bikini loosened, tanning her tail
Waking to voices, a laughing male††

Taken by pirates, far out at sea
Shackled in irons, never get free
Naked young woman, her captors three
Hogtied and hooded, nothing to see

Fantasies filling, chained in a hold
The damsel distressed, the story old
Captors come calling, the pirates bold
Fucked to a frazzle, heartless and cold

Footsteps approaching, visiting pair
Hogtied and waiting, bottom of stair
The hoodwink leather, held in their lair
Her mouth propped open, itís so unfair

Double teamed captive, squealing between
Darkness demented, fantasy scene
The captive serving, her Masters mean
The mermaid netted, the maid Undine

Hobbie-cat beaching, dropped on the shore
Itís Monday morning, the trafficís roar
Left for the finding, discarded whore
Hogtied and helpless, needing some more