by Peter Loaf

Farmhouse abandoned, lonely dirt track
The hostage waiting, room in the back
Half naked helpless, things looking black
Stockings and garter, head in a sack

Footsteps approaching, shivering fear
The ropes are cutting, feeling him near  
The drawstring loosened, his dirty leer
Kidnapper hooded, swilling a beer

“Your daddy’s stubborn, pictures we’ll take”
“Service provided, a film we’ll make”
“You’d better beg him, for goodness sake”
“Titties we’ll torture, we will not fake”

Flopping fish helpless, hogtied so tight
Nipple noose cinching, the painful bite
Nipple tips purple, she cannot fight
Lashing together, pitiful plight

Cameraman filming, circle around
Cross-eyed and hurting, titties impound
Bippy stick marking, so full and round
Hogtied and hopeless, gag garbled sound

Hoisted to rafters, hung by her knees
Pussy lips plucking, screaming prick tease
Bippy stick pinking, cooze cutter squeeze
Eyes rolling upward, whole body sneeze

Ring gag replacing, service the crew
Head cheeses smelly, she would eschew
Licky clit nibble, sensations new
Hung up inverted, coming on cue

Ransom delivered, cash in the hand
Little miss heiress, much in demand
Ten million Euros, virgin’s last stand
Splitting the proceeds, the payoff planned

Daddy’s girl plotting, needing the cash
Nose candy habit, under the lash
Fleeing to Rio, the freedom dash
Lesbian lover, having a bash