Garden Of Eden
by Peter Loaf

Garden of Eden, the perfect place
Nature providing, the lazy pace
Thunder-sticks booming
Way of life dooming
The naked savage, the Master race

High priestess captured, sat on a stake
Her captors brutal, her will to break
The true believers
The self deceivers
The glory of God, new slaves to make

Saving the savage, eternal Hell
Muttering captive, casting her spell
Her magic lurking
Her power working
Their judgment waiting, in Hell to dwell

The drunken revels, the Spanish thug
The captive balanced, on pussy plug
The stake she’s gripping
Her magic tripping
Her passion rising, a kind of drug

Her powers peaking, rising in air
The Spanish terror, fleeing from there
The natives in wait
Conquistador’s fate
The peace restoring, to jungle lair

The few survivors, carry disease
The birth of freedom, no Royals please
Native example
Authority trample
Europe upended, the freedom keys

The cultures clashing, old world and new
Ideas spreading, the tasty stew
The freedom of man
The revolt began
Garden of Eden, rule of the few

Garden Of Eden