by Peterloaf



We see an aerial view of a castle, standing alone on an outcropping of rock, sometime in the last century. High above a small Northern European port city, the castle is built to occupy every square inch of the outcropping. There are high defensive towers at each of the four corners of the outer wall and a taller keep tower in the center. The only side that does not simply drop off in a sheer cliff is guarded by a deep chasm split right down into the living rock. The only visible entrance is a drawbridge across the narrowest part of this chasm.

Castle on outcrop, ancestral base
D'roit de Signeur, end of the chase

Still life of a pink rose on a twining vine.

There is a flower, climbs on a vine
Petals of pink, branches entwine

Forest canopy view of a dead, vine choked and flower bedecked oak tree, standing thirty feet taller than any of the surrounding trees.

Sweet scented nectar, insects to trap
Death to the tree, starved of its sap

Rear view of Ingrid, standing in her Sunday best before the Duke's huge desk. Sitting at the desk, the Duke is interviewing her for employment, The Duke's son is standing behind her, judging her figure with a critical, approving eye.

Ingrid Svensdottir, digger of gold
Sassy and bright, sexy and bold

Ingrid, now dressed in a classic French Maid get up (i.e. Black, silk dress with an extremely short skirt, cut low in front to show off her generous cleavage, short puffed sleeves, long black gloves, black net stockings with seams running down the backs of the her legs, held up by garter straps, buttoned on high heeled shoes, hair ribbons and rouge.) She is performing her menial duties while at the same time flirting with the Duke's son. Using a feather duster, she is dusting the base of a coat rack, without bothering to bend her knees. Because the uniform skirt is so short, we have a very nice view of her semi-transparent panties and the juicy treasures within. Just to make her point perfectly clear, she is also looking back at the suddenly transfixed young man, smiling and winking.

The Duke's only son, tallest of trees
Send out the signals, gather the bees

Ingrid, scrubbing the young Duke's back as he sits naked in the tub. Having gotten wet, somehow, her black silk bodice has become plastered to her breasts, allowing us to clearly see her pert, fully erect nipples.

Cleaning his chamber, serving his needs
Working upstairs, doing good deeds

Rear view of the now naked Ingrid climbing into the young Duke's bed. The blankets are lifted just high enough to display the young Duke's hard, slightly oversized cock.

At first it's thrilling, sneaking downstairs
Slip into bed, him waiting there

Close-up of the Dukeling's big cock, now stained red from the bursting of Ingrid's cherry, being licked clean by the girl in question.

Her signals received, answering lust
Master well served, cherry to bust

Rear view of Ingrid, squatting over her prey, bouncing her pussy up and down on his stiff organ. If drawn right she will look very much like a preying mantis, caught in the act of devouring her mate even as she couples.

Climbing the tree, becoming drug
Filling his hours, entwining hug

View of a half dressed Ingrid being fucked by the young Duke doggy style, her head against the headboard and blinded by a pillow, her hands being gripped together at the small of her back. In the background, a large matronly woman is quietly approaching the bed with a short length of rope, one end already tied into a small noose.

His wishes foremost, nothing denied
Taken in passion, her vines entwined

Ingrid, naked from the waist down, her hands tied together behind her back, being led down the back stairs. There is a huge sponge gag stuffed into her mouth and held in place by a wide leather strap.

Taken half naked, hands bound in rope
Her Master's mercy, her only hope

The trio, standing before a heavy wooden door as the Duke opens the lock with a key he wears around his neck.

Inbred addiction, his family trait
Hunting the flowers, money the bait

Now they are in a dungeon, walking past a block of cells. The Duke's son follows, a birch switch in his hand. A bulge in his trousers belies the look of studied boredom on his face. Several other naked slave girls watch in gagged silence from their cages.

Taken to dungeon, far underground
Gold-digger's Hell, others around

Full frontal view of a red haired girl in one of the cages, standing impaled on a post mounted dildo. Her juice is running down a system of grooves into a small vial hanging on the shaft below her stretched pussy.

Garden of flowers, petals so pink
Locked in their cells, pheromones stink

Ingrid, the Duke's son and the matron standing in the punishment room. The matron is unbuckling the girl's gag strap.

Master is kinky, bondage his bent
Poison nectar? From heaven scent

Close up of Ingrid's face as she forces the huge sponge out of her mouth.

Her training routine, done all the time
Teach her some manners, wages of crime

Ingrid, her hands tied together behind her back, the matron's hands on her elbows to hold her still, being intimately inspected by the Duke's son.

Properly pruned, the rose delights
The Master's orders. "Whip out her fight"

The Matron, shoving the bound, half naked girl over to a punishment horse.

Motherly matron, strong as an ox
Hands tied behind, locked in a box

Close up of three bundles of birch switches standing in a tall brass vase, soaking to make them more limber, and, of course, more hurtful.

Bundles of birches, tied with stripped bark
Standing in water, her buttocks to mark

Ingrid, having one knee strapped to the horse by the Duke's son as the matron holds her still with a grip on her big breasts and a knee pushed between her thighs from behind.

Ingred is naked, from navel to knees
A wooden horse, she's bound to please

Not without struggle, her legs in straps
Bent down and over, her throat entrapped

Rear view of the helpless girl, bent down and attached to the horse at neck and knees. Her tormentors are bending down behind her, tying her ankles up to the ends of the frame members so that her toes no longer reach the floor. Her open pussy is the drawing's focal point.

Exposed like a cow, awaiting bull
They tie her ankles, and then they pull

Close up of the way the sharp edges of the frame hold her thighs wide apart, exposing her sex and anus to anything that might come along.

Her weight settles, stifled her cries
The edges are sharp, hurting her thighs

Side view of the helpless girl on the horse, the Duke's son sliding his two fingers in to press her "G" spot.

Her anus winking, her buttocks dance
Flower is blooming, essence enhanced

Close up of the Duke's son, sniffing delicately at his fingers and speaking.

"Six on her can, no chance to rest"
"Six on her ass, six of the best"

Close up of Ingrid's panic stricken face. She is twisting against the neck strap trying to look back at her tormentors.

"What have I done?" Ingrid cries out
"Master I'm willing!" Strangled her shout

The Matron, whistling the bundle of birch switches down onto Ingrid's bare bottom.

The matron prepares, taking a stance
Birches whistle, motionless dance

Frontal view of Ingrid, her mouth opened in the first instant of disbelieving shock as the birches strike her bottom.

Lines on her bottom, each one a welt
Her body held stiff, pinstriped her pelt

Close up of Ingrid's moneymaker. The birch switch is cutting into her pussy lips, splattering her froth and leaving painful looking welts on both them and her milky white ass.

Then comes another, whistle and strike
Pain beyond breath, petals they bite

Side view of the horse bound girl as the matron continues to whistle the birches into her butt. Unable to struggle in any effective way, she is screaming with all her might.

Orgasm's training, learning her place
Ingrid the rose, her buttocks laced

Close up of Ingrid's bottom. It looks like pure pain, blue/black welts criss-crossing on a hot pink background that turns to bright red as you approach her open sex.

Servants are servile, stand in the shade
Social ambition? Marking it PAID

Ingrid, panting in exhaustion, tears running down her cheeks, twisting against the strap on her neck to look up at her Master's big hard cock.

Awareness returns, matron is gone
Master is naked, long is his dong

Close up of Ingrid, trying to stretch her mouth around his big glands penis.

Held by the collar, licking her lips
Stretching her mouth, over the tip

Side view of the happy couple, her helpless in her bondage, him sitting on a chair under her face, a bundle of birches held in his fist, his cock deep into her throat.

A bundle of birches, held in his hand
Her buttocks bonfire, strike up the band

Close up of Ingrid licking her Master's big red cock.

Tonguing his foreskin, sucking him down
His wishes command, head spinning 'round

Side view of the Master sliding his hardness down into her anus, his hands resting on her welt covered bottom.

Both ends presented, three holes to fuck
Mastered by bastards, serving girl's luck

Ingrid, the sponge gag back in her mouth, an ankle length cape draped around her shoulders, being helped up into a coach by a strange man. Because she is stepping up, we can see that there are chains on her ankles. From the position of the man's hand, we know that her hands are still behind her back.

Pruning completed, sold to a man
Her petals so pink, so is her can



We see seven young women, standing inspection for the Duke and his son, out in the castle's formal English garden. Dressed in the classic, very revealing, French Maid uniforms, we see that three of the girls are wearing both nipple and nose rings. All seven are wearing wrist and ankle chains.

A garden of flowers, a master's dream
A house-full of slaves, ready and clean

Alice MacGreggor, dressed in antique style, riding up to the castle in a carriage.

Alice MacGreggor, fresh from The States
Sent by an agent, Duke-ling to mate

View of Alice being met in the castle's courtyard by the Duke, his handsome son and two very strong looking matrons.

Lineage Royal, eighteenth in line
Plotters embroil, purpose un-kind

Alice, being shoved into a room by one of the women from the courtyard.

Given a welcome, un-expected
Locked in a room, pleas rejected

Alice, standing all-alone in the room, inspecting a dildo equipped bondage horse. Her expression is a mixture of rage, fear and fascination. Her hand is reaching out to touch the black rubber phallus.

Her horse stands waiting, it's tail a stud
It's threat implicit, heart-beating thuds

Montage of scenes starting with her mother's child bed death and showing her being raised by a succession of wet nurses, nannies, and nuns. We can see that she is well provided for, but all alone in the world.

Orphaned at birth, her family's last
No family at home, no one to ask

Back to the locked room where Alice stands inspecting the black rubber dildo.

Where is our daughter? What has become?
Black rubber phallus, nowhere to run

Alice is backing away from the two matrons who are reaching out, as if expecting her to simply hand over her clothes.

Two matrons come in, armed with switches
"Take off your clothing." They're real bitches

View of Alice being held up against a wall by one woman as the other strips her of her clothing.

"I simply refuse!" Famous last words
In minutes it's done, almost absurd

View of a hurt and embarrassed Alice cowering in the room's corner, stripped down to corset, shoes and silk stockings.

Stripped to her corset, stockings and shoes
Modesty nothing, nothing to choose

The Duke's son, sitting in a smoking jacket, reading Justine, looking up at the slightly disheveled matron who is standing in the doorway and speaking.

The Master is called. "At your pleasure"
The blessings of wealth, richest measure

The Duke's son and the two matrons are walking into the room as Alice cowers in the corner, trying to hide her nakedness.

"Take your position." His orders gruff
"Straddle the saddle, show us your stuff"

"Please sir my clothing, it isn't right"
Her hands won't cover, he sees the sights

Alice, still trying to cover three things with two hands, looking down at the Dukeling's tented trousers.

"Slave girls are quiet." Warning his tone
Tenting his trousers, stiff is his bone

Alice, backing away from the switches of the two matrons.

"There's been a mistake!" Backing away
"My name's MacGreggor! GET BACK I SAY!"

Alice, her face held against a wall by one matron as the other locks her hands into police style cuffs.

Roughly she's handled, hands locked behind
Expert the matrons, they're far from kind

Alice, being herded over toward where the Duke's son and his hobbyhorse awaits.

Driven like livestock, switching her ass
"Please sir I'm virgin! I think I'll PASS!"

One matron is holding the struggling girl with a fist in her hair. The other matron is strapping one of her ankles up to the leg of the hobbyhorse.

Strapping an ankle, foot off the floor
The dildo shining, been used before

Alice, screaming as the Duke's son checks her virginity with his thumb.

Standing one footed, useless her hands
Virginity checked, screaming demands

Rear view of the girl, one leg strapped to the horse so that her foot is off the floor, being lifted up by the matrons to be pierced by the dildo. The young Master stands watching, a sardonic smile on his handsome face.

Nodding to matrons, then stepping clear
Mounting the saddle, screaming in fear

Close up of the girl's sex sliding down around the dildo, blood spurting as her hymen rips.

Popping her cherry, quick as you please
Blood running freely, un-caring sleaze

Side view as the two matrons force Alice over to where they can lock the neck clamp closed.

Dildo a swivel, folding her down
A wooden collar, locking around

Rear view of the helpless girl. The dildo pierces her pussy, her every struggle making it move within her.

Riding the horsey, her ass on high
Riding the dildo, she doesn't die

Side view of the girl on the horse.

Her bondage is tight, will not escape
Positioned perfect, first ever "date"

Same as before except that now Alice is flexing her back, trying to bring her hips far enough forward to get the dildo out of her vagina.

By lifting her hips, sliding it out
Straining and flexing, too busy to shout

Rear view, showing how the dildo is just an inch too long for her to escape.

The dildo's too long, can't get off it
She's sliding back down, shudder and shit

The Master is standing behind the helpless Alice, tugging on the hairs of her pubic bush.

"The gag like a ring." Master to slaves
"Slave girls are punished. She needs a shave."

Close up of the three forcing a ring gag into Alice's mouth.

Held in position, neck in a clamp
Pry her mouth open, ring gag gets damp

Alice is secured to the horse at neck and knees, a ring gag holding her mouth wide open. The Duke's son is positioning a chair up under her face.

Defenses breaching, hands gripping air
Shudders and quivers, pulling up chair

Her buttocks are sticking up like an invitation to the waiting matron's bundle of birches. The other matron is approaching with a tire pump.

Grasping her earlobes, he slides it in
Fucking her tonsils. "You may begin"

Side view of the girl getting her first whack from the birches while at the same time having her mouth invaded by the Master's cock.

Unseen the matron, a switch held high
Unheard the whistle, pain-filled SURPRISE!

Close up of Alice sucking the Master's cock right up into her throat

Scream-ending gurgle, into his hilt
Upended bottom, a bonfire built

Rear close up of the black rubber dildo stretching open her vagina as it is being pumped up with the tire pump.

Ass-cheeks in ribbons, cock in her mouth
Dildo inflating, stretching her out

Side view of the writhing girl, the three working on her in concert. Between the birches on her bottom, the inflating dildo in her sex and the big red cock in her throat, she is about to explode with helpless passion.

Humping and writhing, tethered and lost
Orgasm cuming, count not the cost

Close up of the Duke's son as he enjoys his orgasm, his spunk spurting deep into her throat.

A hothouse orchid, breeding and rank
Valued addition, sucking his shank



Close up of a young girl, wearing the French maid uniform and tending the garden with her hands loosely manacled together in front. In the background we see several other girls dressed and occupied in the same ways. Off in the far corner of the garden, there is a naked girl standing with her hands manacled up to a whipping post, awaiting her Master's pleasure.

Slave girls in bondage, chattels de chateau
Paying their homage, the dungeons below

Full figure drawing of a pretty young girl sitting in the dungeon, straddling a wooden dragon, her legs stretched out by ropes to a pair of iron rings set into opposite walls of the cell. The ropes hold her toes a full three inches above the floor, allowing her no relief from her painful seat on the dragon's backbone. Which, by the way, is a 2x12 inch plank that has been cut in a ninety degree, four-inch deep saw-tooth. She is gagged with a tongue-tie and her manacled hands are strapped to her back. Between her pelvic bone and the rough wood of the plank, half her weight is being supported by her mashed clit. The other half is sitting on her unprotected tailbone. She is not a happy camper.

Balanced and helpless, ankles spread wide
Time passing slowly, nowhere to hide

Close up of Helga's crotch. Wetness runs down the sides of the plank under her mashed and swollen sex.

Perfume extracted, petals are crushed
Hard on a slave girl, tongue-tied to hush

Close up rear view of the suffering girl. We can see how the plank is supporting her entire weight on two spots the size of postage stamps.

Helga Lodeesen, serving girl slut
Riding the dragon, her pussy cut

Long rear view of the girl on the dragon, In the background we see the Duke walking into the punishment room, a tray in his hands.

Essence of female, filling the air
Feeding addiction, the dragon's lair

Helga, dressed in one of the French maid costumes, spilling soup on the Duke because she is being goosed by a female dinner guest, who just happens to be in drag, wearing white tie and tails.

Her service sloppy, punishment ride
Balanced and helpless, ankles spread wide

Three quarter view of Helga, now naked, bound and tongue tied, being forced by the Duke and the female dinner guest to straddle the plank. She is still on her feet but there are ropes all laid out and waiting for her ankles.

The edge of a plank, no comfort found
Cut in a saw-tooth, weight crushing down

Full frontal view of Helga as she sits on the plank, her arms strapped to her back, her legs stretched wide, her extended tongue held in the knotted cord, her eyes large with fear.

Arms in tight leather, held behind back
Weight on her pussy, alas and alack

Side view of the prisoner as she is being shown a tray full of instruments, needles, rings and other assorted gadgets useful in the training of slave girls.

Master comes grinning, bulge in his pants
Piercing her nipples, a sterile lance

Close up of a freshly pierced nipple, being pulled out by a chrome nipple clamp so that it can be ringed.

Threading the rings in, pain flaring new
Forgetting her tailbone, her painful pew

Close up of Helga's tear streaked face as he threads a third ring into her nose.

Tongue tied and helpless, balanced on edge
A ring for her nose, the plank a wedge

Close-up of the Duke tying the girl's nose ring down to the ring in her still bleeding left nipple.

"To keep these unstuck, you need only tug"
He ties down her nose, the helpful lug

Close up of the Duke sniffing his dinner guest's wet middle finger as if he were sampling the headiness of a fine brandy.

Worming a finger, under her clit
Sample the product, extract of sit

Close up of Helga as she tries to scream invectives at the Duke and his guest.

Tongue tied and helpless, balanced on edge
She calls him a bastard, leaps from the ledge

The Duke is toying with the ring in her right nipple as he says.

"We know it's trying, sitting up there"
"You just earned an hour, more wear and tear"

View from behind the suffering girl as the Duke and his dinner guest walk away, leaving her balanced on the dragon's backbone.

He walks up the stairs, hard-on in pants
Leaving her screaming, motionless dance

Close up of Helga's dripping pussy lips, her wetness staining the wood beneath her.

Balanced and helpless, ankles spread wide
Time passes slowly, nowhere to hide

Now, instead of toying with her right nipple ring, he is tying it up to her braid.

"Slave girls are quiet." He ties her braid
"Tried and found guilty, penalty paid"

Close up of the front of the Duke's trousers as he is standing next to the wet spot on the plank. He is lowering his zipper, allowing his huge cock to spring out into view.

Essence of nectar, filling his nose
Erection demands, shedding his clothes

Close up of the dinner guest unbuckling the strap that holds Helga's arms down to her back while the Duke hooks her wrist manacles to a pulley rope.

Removing the belt, freeing her arms
Attached to a pulley, buying the farm

Close up of Helga's indented and extremely swollen pussy being lifted out of the darkly stained V of the dragon's backbone.

Shoulders rack upward, lifting her weight
Petals protesting, blood rushing fate

Side view of Helga hanging from her manacled wrists above the wet spot on the saw toothed plank. Her sex is dripping with her froth. The dinner guest is sliding a large knobby dildo into her swollen pussy.

The dildo slides in, making her swoon
Orgasms rushing, coming too soon

Close up of Helga's sex as seen from directly beneath her. As the dinner guest is sliding the knob-covered dildo in and out of her pussy, the Duke is collecting her juice in a small crystal vial that he holds up under her.

Catching each dewdrop, her dripping place
Collecting her nectar, in a small vase

Close up from behind as Helga's dildo is pushed completely out of sight by the palm of the woman's hand. The woman's thumb is out of sight, inserted to the second knuckle into Helga's ass hole. At the same time, the fingers twiddle on Helga's still indented clit. In the background, the Duke is stoppering the vial of her essence.

"More priceless than gold, essence of girl"
They finger her clit, pinwheels whirl

Close up of the Duke, sniffing his fingers while at the same time looking at the almost half full vial of pussy juice he has collected. In the background, the still manacled Helga is being helped down from the dragon by the dinner guest who is now herself stripped naked and wearing a large leather harness dildo.

Milking her pussy, defenses breached
Collecting her nectar, the Noble leech



Augmenting income, a school they run
Well behaved children, when they are done

Drawing of an open horse drawn taxi, standing waiting in front of the castle. Juanita is sitting regally in the back, ignoring the driver who sits up on his seat, leering down at her.

Juanita's her name, brought by her dad
Brought up for training, she's been real bad

Close up of Juanita's feet, we see that her ankles are closely shackled so that steps of less than two inches would be mandated.

Teach her some manners, teach her who's boss
Training for daughters, reasonable cost

Rear view of the Duke watching out the window of his office. There are five French maid uniformed girls out there in the garden, tending the flowers, working hard, trying their very best to be invisible.

Ten thousand a week, plus room and board
Breaking her spirit, return abhorred

Side view of the Duke and his son double teaming a school girl tied spread eagle between two posts. The son is behind her, reaming her ass, the Duke is in front of her, fucking her pussy for all he is worth. The girl in the middle is screaming in fear, pain and passion. Her feet are being lifted from the ground by the two cocks within her.

The Duke and his son, peas in a pod
Privileged profession, riding rough shod

The same young girl, tears streaming down her face, pleading on her knees to go home with her father. Exposed by her short skirt and see-through panties, we can see welts all over her bottom.

One visit plenty, most of the guests
Some come more often, some of the best

Close up of the girl seated in the carriage. She has a feral, untamed look in her eyes.

'Ita's a Rebel, third time returned
She knows the routine, sweet cheeks to burn

Side view of Juanita throwing a drink into her father's face as he tries to drag her out of a sleazy Spanish truck stop.

Her Father a Baron, Bourbon his line
His daughter a problem, time after time

Juanita is bent over in an alley, giving head to one man and being fucked from the rear by another. In the background, there are three Guadia Civil just now walking around the corner.

Arrested for whoring, streets of Madrid
Costing a fortune, keeping it hid

Juanita's Father, standing before the Duke's desk, pleading.

"You promised a cure, time before last"
"I want her reformed, and make it fast"

The Duke is seated at his desk, his feet together, his back straight, looking up at the desperate father as he speaks.

"As long as six weeks, it just might take"
"A month at the least, habits to break"

Now the Baron is angry, and looming up over the Duke's desk like a bear on the attack.

"You're robbing me blind, that's sixty grand!"
"I should take her home, try my own hand"

Close up of the Duke's smiling face. There are dollar signs where his pupils should be.

The Duke is cagey, a nose for cash
The Baron is stuck, under the lash

The Duke, up on his feet and pouring a drink for the Baron.

"We are expensive, sadly a fact"
"Castles cost money, stay in the black"

The Baron, defeated, writing a check for the Duke.

"I have few choices, I guess I'm stuck"
"I'll write you a check, oh FUCK the luck"

Arrow slit view of the carriage and it's closely hobbled passenger.

Juanita awaits, down in the cab
Irons on her ankles, not wanting re-hab

Sitting in the carriage as the three approach, Juanita has a thought balloon in which we see her taking on all comers on a pool table in the back room of a Madrid back alley dive. There is a faint smile on the reminiscing girl's lips.

Whoring's exciting, gelding the men
Spiking their canons, steamless engine

Rear view of Juanita, sitting in the carriage, gazing up at the castle's tower.

The school for Nobles, run by a Duke
His son the teacher, gosh darn and shoot

A panel divided diagonally, the upper left half showing a somewhat younger Juanita begging her father to take her home. The lower right half shows her sliding a needle into her vein.

She's lied too often, and then gone back
Addicted to sex, and hooked on smack

Frontal view of Juanita, closely escorted, a strong man's hand on each of her elbows, being brought through the keep's massive front door. In the background the Baron's carriage is going out over the drawbridge, the Baron not looking back.

They come and get her, keys in the locks
Walk her between them, keep her in hock

Juanita, her wrists now attached up to the ends of a hanging wooden bar, being unlaced from her waist cinching corset by the Duke's son. Other than her silk panties and high heeled pumps, it is the only item of clothing she still wears.

Taken to classroom, stripped of her clothes
Not saying a word, her lips are closed

Take your position, strap tight your thighs"
"Pull down your panties, sight for sore eyes"

Close up of Juanita's bottom and sex, ready for what ever will come.

Strapped to a table, the leather tight
Juanita exposed, awaiting the bite

Juanita, now strapped down to the table, her arms crossed and trapped under her tummy, awaiting the first kiss of the whip.

The Duke stands watching, puritan mask
The son preparing, hurtful the lash

Close up of Juanita's ass cheeks. They are spider-webbed with ghostly white lines.

Milky white ass cheeks, criss-crossed with lines
Tracks of past whippings, healed over time

Close up of Juanita's determined face as she awaits punishment.

Still she is silent, biting her tongue
She knows what’s coming, what’s to become

Same angle as before, except that we now see her entire body strapped to the table, and the two noblemen preparing to give her a whipping.

Strapped down and helpless, arms crossed beneath
Her ass sticking out, it's hard to breathe

The Duke, his hand on her bottom, speaking to his son across her bare back.

"Bring in the children, want them to see"
"What happens to girls, too wild and free"

Six teenagers dressed in proper public school uniforms, being shown into the classroom in order to witness Juanita's punishment.

A class of six pupils, three boys three girls
Cream de la cream, society's pearls

The six taking their seats, all with their complete attention on the upended bottom strapped to the punishment table.

Taking their places, in file and rank
Sit down to witness, girl getting spanked

The Duke's son, judging her state of readiness by feeling her sex.

His hand comes and touches, fingers slide through
He finds she's ready. "God I missed you"

Suddenly panic stricken, Juanita is fighting the straps with all her strength. It is getting her no-where, but seen from behind, it's quite a show.

Thrashing and fighting, twisting in straps
The prisoner looks back, completely trapped

The Duke, his arms crossed, an outraged look on his face, ordering his son to begin the whipping.

The Duke grows angry. "Get down to work!"
"Addiction to cure, and don't you shirk!"

The son, his whip hand raised, speaking to the assembled students.

"This one's an old grad, come back for more"
"We'll start with just six, and then twenty-four"

Close up of Juanita's ass. It is marked with two very red v shaped welts and getting a third one as we watch.

Lash whistles wicked, sinking from sight
Juanita's white globes, marking so bright

Close up of Juanita's face as the whip impacts her rump. Her expression is not one of shock or surprise, but of lust.

Biting her cries back, writhing in pain
Bottom cheeks dancing, struggles in vain

Under the desks look at the six teen-agers. Two of the boys and all three of the girls are already masturbating.

Attention complete, hands out of sight
The zippers slide down, their skirts they hike

Close up of Juanita's ass getting yet another V shaped welt, the brown eye of her anus momentarily open as she passes a huge purple colored fart.

Next time it whistles, criss-crossing mark
She chews on her lips, loudly she farts

Now instead of masturbating, the kids are holding their noses, except the one boy who hadn't been masturbating before. Now he is in a state of sexual nirvana, his nose filled her stink. The whip is just a blur as it approaches her red, welt-covered globes.

Then it gets busy, her ass on fire
Orgasms explode, higher n'higher

Close up of Juanita's crying face. In it we see a look of satisfaction, as if she is getting exactly what she wants.

Crosshatched and steaming, crying sweet tears
Narcotic of lust, calming her fears

Close up of her welt marked labia. Dripping with a white froth, they are even redder than her ass cheeks.

Just like a poppy, cut in the hips
Essence of nectar, dripping from lips



Treetops view of a young woman being pulled from her horse by two mounted men as she rides down a forest trail. The men wear masks over their faces.

Power unbridled, corruption complete
Garden of flowers, endless repeat

Over the shoulder view of the Duke watching with disapproval as the hooded, bound horsewoman is being helped down from the back of her horse by the two masked thugs. In addition to having her wrists bound together behind her back, there is a large wooden ball pushed into her mouth and held with a strap, stretching the cloth of the hood to the back of her throat. His son is standing next to him, speaking.

"A girl from the town, she caught my eye"
"If I can't have her, perhaps I'll die"

The girl is being hustled into the castle's front door, blinded by the hood, wrists bound together behind her back.

Selected for beauty, not what she's said
Brought up to castle, hood on her head

The helpless girl being taken up into the tower by the Duke and his son.

Rebecca’s her name, out on her ride
Captured on horseback, her hands are tied

Rebecca, standing in the tower room, her hands bound, the bag still tied down under her chin. The Duke is removing the wooden gag ball from her cloth-covered mouth. Beside her stands a low whipping bench shaped like a T.

Locked in a chamber, furnished so stark
Her hands bound behind, it's cold and dark

The hooded Rebecca being stripped of her riding pants and panties leaving her naked from the waist down.

Stripped of her jodhpurs, panties and boots
Captors uncounted, unwrapping loot

The blinded, and half naked girl tripping over the low bench as she tries to escape her two tormentors.

Hood-blinded she bolts, searching for door
Barking her shin bones, falling to floor

As Rebecca, blind, her hands useless, tries to rise, the duke is slipping a rope noose over her left ankle.

She struggles to rise, regain her feet
Panic comes riding, heart skipping beat

Rebecca, laying out on the bench, her right ankle strapped to the end of the cross bar. The Duke's son is pulling off the hoodwink, letting her see the room and it's horrors for the first time.

They whisk off her hood, letting her see
The Duke and his son, a bench like a "T"

She hasn't a chance, two against one
Her hands bound behind, what's to become?

Full figure rear view of the girl lying on the bench. Three straps hold her motionless. The bolster holds up her hips. Her legs are splayed wide. Her sex is completely exposed but not, as yet, open. She is totally helpless.

Perhaps a ransom, will get her free
There must be a way, just has to be

Close up of Rebecca’s face as she speaks. In the background the two Noblemen are examining her bare buttocks.

"My father is rich, rolling in gold!"
Commoner's leverage, from times of old

Close up of Rebecca’s bottom, the Duke's fingers tugging at her pubic hair so as to pull open her vaginal opening.

"Your father will pay, all in good time"
"But first a whipping, your bottom is mine"

Close up of Rebecca’s foot kicking against the strap that holds it out to the end of the cross bar.

Too soon she's ready, stretched in a "Y"
Her buttocks displayed, freedom denied

Close up of one of the matrons sticking her head into the cell and speaking.

A knock on the door. "Masters come quick!"

"The King is coming, up to old tricks!"

The kindly looking old king, a beer bottle in his hand, standing in the doorway.

King's in the doorway, smelling of beer
"Our favorite cousins, thought she'd be here"

The King standing over the helpless Rebecca, looking down with a sardonic grin on his face.

A Royal Inspection, complete surprise
Caught with her pants down, a naked prize

The King, kneeling to look into Rebecca’s face.

"We heard of a girl, taken today"
"Thought We'd come looking, favor repaid"

Rebecca, fighting her bonds with all her strength, speaking.

"Help me Your Highness!" Girl on a rack
A strap on her neck, hands behind back

The King, now back behind her, gazing down at her exposed sex as he speaks.

"We see you've found her. Rescued so quick?"
"We knew where to look, lickity split"

The King now sitting on the bench beside the helpless girl, his hand resting on her up-thrust bottom, his fingers slipping between her legs.

His Highness beside, fingers between
Finding her swelling, smelling obscene

The King sniffing his fingers as he speaks.

"Perfect example, feminine charm"
"Don't worry My dear, no lasting harm"

Close up of the King's fat fingers tickling Rebecca’s rapidly swelling clitoris.

Royal affliction, craving the drug
Royal erection, his smile so smug

Close up of the King whispering into Rebecca’s blushing ear.

"So milky and smooth, never been whipped?"
Horse is his whisper, fingers to lips

Rebecca, twisting against her neck strap trying to look back at the King as she speaks.

"Sir I'm so frightened!" Goosebumps abound
Fighting her bondage, twisting around

Close up of the King's thumb finding that her hymen is still intact.

Exploring below, finger between
Virgo intacta, dripping with cream

Long view of the room, the king whispering into the girl's ear as the Duke and his son prepare to whip her ass.

"Message from Daddy, ransom's been paid"
"You'll see him quite soon, but not as a maid"

Close up of Rebecca’s face as this news sinks in.

It crashes on her, the truth revealed
Rescue's not coming, useless appeal

Close up of the Kings fat hands kneading Rebecca’s round bottom so that her anus and pussy are even more exposed than before.

Virgin white bottom, so round and firm"
"Quiet My darling, try not to squirm"

The King, nodding to the waiting Duke, stepping around to take his place beside the Duke's son.

Then stepping away, around behind
Nodding to cousin, his smile benign

Her whipping begins, light little taps
Her anus his target, quick little snaps

Close up of Rebecca’s ass taking a hit right on her clenched anus. Below the
point of impact her pussy has swollen fully open and is shining with her
helpless wetness.

Twin globes of ivory, a dancing pair
Her pussy below, gulping at air

Same as before except that now a blush is spreading up from her sex toward
her ass cheeks.

Again and again, the cracker strikes
Pinkness is spreading, climbing the heights

Full figure view of Rebecca, being whipped by the Duke.

She tries to deny, long as she might
Her passion aroused, unable to fight

Close up of the blushing girl, screaming in passion and fighting the straps that bind her to the bench.

Then she's defeated, orgasm comes
Writhing and gasping, upended bum

The King, his pants down, his big cock held in his hand, getting ready to fuck the helplessly panting prisoner.

Kneeling behind her, his cock in hand
Power of passion, gonads demand

Close up of Rebecca’s face as the King gets himself in position behind her.

King with his pants down, up-thrust behind
Horny and hurting, losing her mind

Close up of the King's cock busting through Rebecca’s hymen.

Quickly deflowered, pistil drives home
Orgasms continue, she cries and moans

Close up of Rebecca’s vaginal lips stretched around the King's big cock.

Frothing and foaming, lips turning pink
Her legs in a split, fucks like a mink

Rebecca, fully dressed, looking totally exhausted, being helped back up onto her horse in the courtyard.

Three days and three nights, cut flowers fade
Rebecca Bouquet, her ransom's been paid

Rebecca, riding alone out the castle gate.

Part of the contract, silence for life
She must never tell, the King has a wife



The rightful Duchess, her curvaceous figure laced into an Edwardian style business dress, is accompanied by a smart looking lawyer and a huge coachman/body guard. She is talking to the now Ex Duke across his big desk. He is ignoring her and reading the legal papers he holds in his hand.

King's favorite cousins, shared secrets best
There comes a woman, put to the test

Over the shoulder view of the papers in the Duke's hand. The one on top is an eviction notice ordering him to vacate the castle.

There comes a woman, out of the blue
Demanding her rights, demanding due

Rear view of a young man, holding a smoking gun, being trampled by a charging rhino.

Duke had a brother, older than he
Died in a jungle, aged twenty-three

An infant girl being delivered from a young woman's vagina.

Thinking him childless, without an heir
Executor's mistake, a daughter there

The Duchess, down in the town, hiring the Lawyer to help her press her case.

Now she is grown up, wanting her rights
Now she is grown up, ready to fight

The Lawyer looking over her papers as she speaks.

"I have the prior claim, it seems to be"
"The title and lands, belong to me"

The Duke, sitting at his desk, visualizing being shown the door of "his" castle with only the clothes on his back.

Ex Duke and his son, out on their ears
Stripped of their power, no longer feared

The Duke visualizing himself and his son, naked, covered with tar and feathers, being ridden out of the village on rails.

The folk of the town, given the time
Will punish the pair, church bells will chime

The Duke, still visualizing, seeing himself and his son, covered in tar and feathers being locked up in a cage by the town constable.

Hell has no fury, a mob enraged
Ex Duke and his son, soon be encaged

The Ex Duke, a smile cracking his stone-like face, standing up and offering his chair to the Duchess.

"My Brother's daughter, from far off shores"
"Give us a fortnight, the place is yours"

The Duchess is sitting in the desk chair, looking confused.

She's caught off balance, doubting her ears
Armed for a battle, fight lasting years

The Ex Duke is talking to the Duchess, keeping her attention as he hands a fat bundle of bank notes to her lawyer behind his back.

"Come and stay with us, help us to pack"
"Come let us know you, please don't go back"

The Lawyer is slipping the bank notes into his frock coat.

"Our own flesh and blood, staying in town?"
"The castle's yours now, please don't go down"

Close up of the oily Ex Duke, smiling to beat the band.

Gushing like honey, such a nice man
Ex Duke spins a web, part of a plan

We see the castle's courtyard as viewed from the keep's front door. In the foreground the Duchess is standing with her uncle, watching as the carriage rolls out over the drawbridge carrying both her lawyer and her bodyguard.

Standing and watching, carriage depart
Her uncle beside, such a sweetheart

Inside the carriage the Lawyer is counting the money the Ex Duke has slipped to him. Up on the high coachman's seat the bodyguard is holding out a hand for his share.

Gone is her lawyer, gone bodyguard
Alone in the castle, alone in the yard

The Ex Duke's son, raising the drawbridge and lowering the portcullis, sealing off the castle from the outside world.

Cousin at draw bridge, clattering chains
A grate closing down, paying her claim

Standing with her uncle in the foreground, we see the girl as her wrists are being shackled together behind her back by the same two matrons we have seen before. An iron bar almost a foot long separates the black iron cuffs.

Two cuffs on a bar, locked to her arms
Suddenly helpless, unguarded charms

The Ex Duke, ripping open the Duchess' bodice, revealing her generous, pink nippled, corset lifted breasts.

"Don't bother to scream, no-one will come"
"And don't try to flee, nowhere to run"

As the Ex Duke is ripping her dress up the front so that we can get a look at her legs, one of the matrons is holding the bar between her wrists, preventing her from fighting.

A foot of iron, linking her wrists
The cuffs are so tight, can't even twist

The bar between her wrists has a ring in it's center. The other matron has clipped a leash to this ring and is using it to drag the Duchess up the stairs and into the door of the keep.

Clipped to a ring, she's on a leash
Dragging her away, a captive niece

The half naked Duchess being hustled through the keep's kitchen on her way to the stairs that lead down to the dungeon.

Taken through kitchen, taken below
Taken to dungeons, she didn't know

The girl, now stripped completely naked, except for a pair of button on high heeled shoes, is being propelled down the cell block by her shackled wrists. Attached to the bar between her hands, the leash is drawn up so high that she is being forced to walk bent over almost double, the extreme height of her high heels making her bottom wiggle and dance. There is simply no way for her to revolt against her two female guards. Behind her, in the slave cells, are the usual naked, bound and gagged female prisoners.

Stripped of her clothing, down to the skin
A pair of high heels, hobbled there in

Over the shoulder view of the Ex Duke's son watching as the Duchess is being shoved into a cell.

A body for passion, her figure full
Curvaceous and smooth, mount for a bull

The Duchess, standing in her cell, looking around, seeing that there is no possible way for her to escape.

Left in a cell block, where she can cry
A garden of flowers, no-where to fly

The Duchess, standing at the bars of her cell, trying to talk to her new neighbors who cannot respond due to the fact that they all wear gags.

Alone six hours, able to talk
But others are gagged, that ploy is blocked

The Duchess, sitting on the hard planks of her bunk, trying to hide her nakedness from the son as he stands outside the bars of her cell.

Down comes her cousin, smiling so wide
The girl clamps her knees, pussy to hide

The son, walking into the cell and speaking.

"Slaves are compliant" He opens the door
"Modesty misplaced, now you're a whore"

The Duchess, backing up to a corner of the bunk, holding one foot out to keep him at his distance.

"I will not serve you, this place is mine"
The iron on her wrists, sitting on pine

The son, a stern look on his face, giving the Duchess an order and letting her see the wicked looking riding crop he has in his hand.

"Stand up on the bunk." His orders hard
"Show me your pussy, show me your cards"

The Duchess being struck sharply on the hip with the crop.

"No you can't do this. OW! Get away!"
The look in his eyes, holds her in sway

3/4 frontal view of the Duchess, assuming the position on the bunk, a bright red square marking the spot where the crop hit her.

The girl in high heels, arms held behind
She climbs up and spreads, losing her mind

The son bending down to lock a shackle around the Duchess' ankle, attaching her foot up to the outside upper corner of the bunk. Her other leg is already attached down to the outside lower corner.

The bunk is equipped, with shackles four
Her ankles are trapped, stretching her more

The Duchess, spread wide and displayed by her bondage, leaning her back against the stone wall behind her.

Ankles in shackles, fearing to fall
The girl on the bunk, leans on the wall

Close up of the son gripping her buttocks in both hands and pulling her sex up onto his tongue.

His beard is unshaven, midnight stubble
She feels his wet tongue, could mean trouble

Close up of the son's tongue attacking the Duchess' sex.

Unable to close, or to resist
She feels the passion, cease and desist

The girl is standing up on the plank bunk, her back sliding down the dungeon's stone wall, her ankles spread wide and shackled to opposite ends of the bed. The Duke's son is attacking her loins with his tongue, her body totally his to do with as he chooses.

No strength in her knees, back sliding down
His lips on her sex, tongue spinning 'round

Close up of his fingers stretching open her labia so that he can stick his tongue deeper inside her.

Feeling his fingers, stretching her out
His tongue in her quim, her passion mounts

Close up of her ankle kicking against the shackle that keeps it spread.

Orgasms cuming, she cannot stop
Weakness discovered, she needs a top

Soft focus Duchess' eye view of a regal looking young woman, standing behind her rutting cousin.

"Who is this woman?" A woman's voice
She tries to focus, her pussy moist

Close up of the Duchess' face, her eyes are dilated, her expression one of terminal passion.

"This is an outrage, who is this whore?"
The voice is familiar, heard it before

The new woman (who happens to be the same woman we saw dressed as a man in part three) roughly shoving the Duke's son out of the way so that she can get a better look at the naked prisoner.

Her cousin is shoved, out of the way
"Here, let me do it. I'll make her pay"

The Duchess is now lying sideways on her bunk, her head propped up on the wall, her arms trapped in the bar cuffs behind her back, her legs spread wide and chained out to the bunk's head and foot. The Princess is standing over her, with an ornate, ivory handled riding crop in her hands. The Duke's son is standing off to the side, watching her glistening, blood-engorged sex like a cat watches a mouse hole, his trousers tented out in front. The Duchess is looking up at the newcomer, the shock of recognition on her face.

The curtain of passion, swings to the side
Her Royal Highness, standing beside

Frontal view of the Princess spanking the crop down into the Duchess's open pussy.

Princess of Passion, the King's only child
Here in the garden, crop going wild

Close up of the crop's cracker impacting the Duchess' blood engorged clitoris. Droplets of her wetness are flying in all directions.

Hands held in iron, chains on her feet
A Duchess in trouble, skipping heart beats

Close up of the crop held between the Duchess' thighs, being vibrated between them so that two squares of pinkness are being formed, one on the inside of each thigh.

The sting of the crop, impacts on thighs
Two squares of redness, shuddering cries

Close up of the Duchess' face. She is back in the throws of mind numbing passion.

Duchess in bondage, her pussy hot
The feelings within, her morning's shot

Close up of the Duchess' ass getting a welt that reaches across both her bottom cheeks.

No way to escape, chains hold her wide
The Princess moves in, marking her hide

In the foreground, the Princess is sucking on an opium pipe as the Duke's son is holding the flame to the drug. In the background the Duchess lies on her bunk, writhing in helpless passion.

"Still got that kneeler?" Having a smoke
"That thing with the straps?" Taking a toke

Close up of the Duchess' wet, blood engorged, whip welted pussy. It is hanging open so far that we can see right down to her cervix.

The girl on the bunk, moaning with lust
Passion in bondage, smelling of musk

The Duke's son, an evil grin on his face, is pointing with his thumb over his shoulder.

"It's right over there, ready for use"
"Penance protracted, knees on the spruce"

The Princess, bending down to release one of the Duchess' ankles, speaking.

"Help me to fix her, unlock her feet"
The Princess cajoles, her tone so sweet

Once again, the bar between the Duchess' wrists is being used to force her into a deep bow as she is propelled out of the cell and down the passageway toward the punishment room.

The Duchess in irons, hobbled by heels
Led to the scaffold, her senses reel

Strapped in position, arms lifted high
Spread out and dripping, running down thighs

Rear view of the Duchess, now strapped to the scaffold, her arms stretched up high behind her back, her legs held wide, her sex on display, being given a lecture by her cousin who stands in front of her as the Princess who stands behind her spreads grease on her forearm.

"Your claim is disputed, your case is trash"
"Your bottom presented, so is your gash"

Close up of the Princess' grease covered fist being forced into the Duchess' opening.

The Princess of Passion, steps up behind
A fist full of grease, out of her mind

Same view, except that now the Princess' hand is completely out of sight, her wrist being gripped by the Duchess' stretched labia.

Strapped in position, panting and bare
A fist in her pussy, its tight in there

The Duchess, kneeling on the scaffold, being fist fucked by the Princess while she is enthusiastically giving a blow job to the Ex Duke's son.

Ex Dukeling before, his member hard
Lust on a scaffold, fisted with lard

Side view of the Duchess getting serviced at both ends.

Gasping and crying, fist-fucked below
A semi-hot sausage, taken in tow

Close up of the Duchess, her mouth filled with hard cock, having her nose pinched closed.

"The Duchess you are." Pinching her nose
"But we hold the trumps, your case is closed."

Close up of the Ex Duke's son's hands gripping the Duchess' hanging breasts.

Climbing the mountain, driven like sheep
A fist in her pussy, mouthful of creep

Close up of the Princess' forearm thrusting in and out of the Duchess.

Then for a moment, things quiet down
The kind of a hush, when magic's around

Close up of the Duchess' eyes, crossed and dilated.

She feels it coming, like a freight train
She's tied to the rails, feeling no pain

In the foreground the dyke Princess's forearm is stretching the girl's vagina to the point of total, unbearable pleasure while at the same time the Ex Duke's son is fucking her tonsils, holding her by the ears. In the background, the King and the Ex Duke are walking into the punishment room, talking to each other.

The fist in her innards, holds her in sway
The cock in her mouth, a piper to pay

The King, having stopped in mock surprise, speaking.

"What is the meaning?" King at the door
"Our cousin the Duke, who is this whore?"

The Ex Duke, his hand on the Duchess' up thrust rump, is speaking.

"Meet the new Duchess, our Royal line"
"We're showing the ropes, She's doing fine"

Close up of the Duchess, continuing to give her cousin a blowjob.

Forgetting her manners, her mouth is packed
Held in deep curtsy, fist in her crack

The Ex Duke, toying with the Duchess' extended nipples, whispering into her flushed ear.

"Our cousin, the King." Ex Duke confides
"Our ace in the hole, this Duke provides"

Close up between the legs view of the Ex Duke's fingers toying with the prisoner's clitoris.

"A Service Royal, the King requires"
"Inbred addiction, rough sex desired"

Rear view of the King observing his daughter's forearm sliding in and out of the Duchess. The Ex Duke is still whispering into her ear, his hands up under her helpless body.

"You are the Duchess, of Royal line"
"A weed in this garden, the flying kind"

Close up of the Duchess' face as she is exploding into orgasm, the Ex Duke continuing to whisper into her ear.

"King has his garden, also a wife"
"His flowers boarded, avoiding strife"

Side view of the naked prisoner being molested by three people while the King is opening his trousers.

Hanging and helpless, head spinning 'round
Duchess defenseless, passion newfound

Close up of the Duchess' sex as the Princess' fist withdraws.

The fist-fuck withdraws, vacuum pulls tight
Greasy and throbbing, her pussy a sight

The King, his pants down around his ankles, standing on a stool, pressing his cock into the Duchess' stretched out opening.

The King's big organ, the barest prick
After a fist fuck, scented grease pit

Close up of the King's now well-greased cock sliding down into the Duchess' anus.

The shortest pit stop, coating of grease
On to her anus, she's bound to please

Side view of the Duchess, now being attended to by all four of her tormentors.

The King up behind, tucked in her butt
The Princess below, her nipples to suck

Close up of cum spurting out the seal between the Duchess' lips and her cousin's cock.

The cousin in front, Dukeling face fuck
Lets loose his control, filling her gut

Close up of the Ex Duke's fingers diddling her hanging clit.

Girl in the middle, passionate prize
Swallowing her pride, cut down to size

The girl, ropy strings of cum trailing from her lips back to the boy's limp cock, looking back at the King fucking her anus and speaking.

"Fuck me my stallion!" Are her first words
"Fuck me 'til sunrise! Fuck me, I'm yours!"

Montage of the five people fucking into the night.

Petitioned so perfect, the King complies
Passion is endless, no compromise

Close up of the Duchess licking off of the King's now limp member.

Dandelion King, spewing his seed
Dandelion girl, fist fucking needs



The Duke sailing into the sunny port of Capri on the deck of a square-rigged ship.

Sometimes in season, hunting they go
Procurers of flesh, bulbs for a show

A large cocktail party with the Duke sitting off to the side, watching a beautiful, dark haired woman standing talking to two very handsome young men. His eyes seem to glow in his head.

The Isle of Capri, watering spot
The cream de la cream, hatching a plot

The Duke getting himself introduced to a large matronly woman and her beautiful young daughter.

Sniffing out flowers, searching for marks
The Duke moves through them, debonair shark

Close up of the Duke kissing a woman's hand. On the woman's chubby fingers are about twenty-five carats of diamonds, not to mention the diamond bracelet on her wrist.

Titles like popcorn, commoners too
Ransom a given, rolling in boo

The same young beauty we saw in the second stanza kneeling and kissing the ring of a Bishop.

Rosa of Naples, new Baroness
Her father dying, doing her best

An old man lying in a large but shabby four-poster bed.

Her Title is empty, gone is her wealth
A husband with cash, stalking with stealth

Breakfast table scene with Rosa being given a plate of bacon and eggs by a serving girl as the two handsome men we saw in the second frame come into the room holding hands. Both of the young men are dressed in frilly, chemise dressing gowns.

She's staying with friends, two Kings deposed
A pair of pansies, two closets closed

Rear view of the two Kings. Each has his hand on the other's butt.

She needs the favor, husband to find
They need the cover, denying kind

Long view of a huge party at which both Rosa and the Duke are guests. They are widely separated at the moment, but are drifting toward each other. Both have the same feral look in their eyes as they survey the rest of the guests.

Baroness and Duke, stalking big game
Baroness Von Trapp, The Duke of Pain

Side view of the Duke offering a drink to Rosa from a waiter's tray. Rosa is touching his hand with both of hers as she accepts, her eyes fluttering as they meet his.

They meet at parties, mutual friends
She catches his eye, signals she sends

The pair standing out on a balcony in the night. He is pointing down at his ship in the harbor.

"Come with me sailing, Come on my boat"
"Bring your two roommates, a party afloat"

It is just before dawn. We see three shadowed figures, two tall and slim, the third short and curvaceous, standing on a pier next to a three masted sailing ship. The Duke is coming down the gangplank, welcoming the three with a lantern and a false smile.

Sounding so perfect, she takes the dive
Shows up on the dock, quarter to five

The ship, as seen from the pier, sailing out into the rising sun.

Up comes the anchor, catching the tide
Out of the harbor, oceans they ride

View from the bottom of the ladder of the Duke walking down into the shadowed hold.

The Duke checks the course, comes down to see
The group in the hold, prisoners three

In the foreground, we see the two deposed Kings, looking less than regal due to the fact that they both are naked save chain siriks and gags. They are chained by their necks to opposite sides of the cell, their hands shackled behind their backs. In the background, we see the Duke standing next to a dark bundle hanging on a chain. The bundle has a pair of woman's shoes sticking up at it's top and a pair of nicely rounded bottom cheeks at it's bottom.

Two Queens in a cell, just out of reach
Baroness en-sacked, manners to teach

Hung from her ankles, folded in two
Her only blessing, no flies to shoo

Close up of Rosa's crotch. There is a leather strap attached to the bottom of the bag that cuts down through her sex, splitting her labia and supporting a good portion of her weight.

Hung in thick canvas, seabaged to waist
Her pussy entrapped, cooze strap in place

Cut-away view of Rosa's face inside the sea bag. She has been gagged with a large sponge, which is held in place with a length of cord. We can also see how the bag has been cut in three places, one on its bottom for her head to stick through, and two on its sides for her arms. The bag has then been pulled down over her naked body so that it fitted like a sack dress. Then, after her hands were tied together behind her back and a belt cinched around under her short ribs, the hem of the bag was then pulled back up over her head and clipped closed, blinding her and exposing her naked body from the waist down.

The gag in her mouth, large and spongy
Held in it's place, length of bungee

Close up of a man's hands tightening the cooze strap so that it splits Rosa's sex, mashing her clit.

Weight on her pussy, the sea is high
Mashing her button, she thinks she'll die

Close up of the link between Rosa's ankles, the top of the sea bag and the chain which supports her swinging weight.

Swinging from ankles, bag over head
Her arms in a bind, her bottom red

Close up of the Duke's thumb slipping under the cooze strap to spread grease up into Rosa's vagina.

A thumb down below, greasing her lips
Strap split and swollen, wet worming tip

Totally black frame.

"Ready for fucking?" Duke in the dark
"Ready for service, or food for sharks?"

Side view of the Duke and his hanging prisoner. The Duke's thumb is now completely out of sight. Rosa is beginning to wiggle and kick within the limits of her bondage.

The girl on the chain, beef on a hook
Thumb in her pussy, beginning to cook

Close up of the cooze strap being pulled out of Rosa's swollen labia.

Cooze strap is loosened, pulled out of there
Belt on her middle, her weight to bear

Side view of the Duke fucking Rosa as she hangs on the end of her chain.

Cock in her pussy, sponge in her lips
In to her cervix, up to old tricks

Rear view of the two young men, trying to protest their friend's mistreatment from the confinement of their chains and cell.

Two Queens in their cell, rattle their chains
The girl in the bag, nothing will gain

Through the bars view of the way the siriks and gags hold the two helpless and apart.

Throats in tight collars, stopped up by gags
Two helpless pansies, two naked fags

View of the two young men being led down the ship's gangplank, still naked, still in their siriks, by a pair of huge, grinning body builders. Behind them, on the ship's deck the Duke stands counting a wad of banknotes.

"A gift for a friend, cock sucking tour"
A pair of Ex-Kings, Pansies dejour

Side view of the Duke fucking Rosa in the hold of his ship. The bag is cut away so that we can see that Rosa's eyes have grown to the size of saucers.

The girl in the bag, her pussy filled
Finds herself cuming, her passion spills

Close up of the Duke's cock thrusting into Rosa's frothing pussy.

Alone in the dark, griped on her hips
His cock in her pussy, gag in her lips

A frame of darkness cut by lightening flashes.

Inside her eyeballs, flashes of light
Hanging and hurting, pussy stretched tight

Side view of Rosa, trapped in the bag, bucking in orgasm on the Duke's big cock.

Deprived of senses, save only touch
Baroness en-sacked, begins to buck

Rosa, still in the sea bag, spinning down into a vortex.

A blackness descends, spinning head down
Into a vortex, world spinning 'round

View of Rosa, now wearing a corset, stockings and pumps, lying on a bunk, her hands chained together in front and a collar chained to the wall behind her.

Waking but slowly, lying on bunk
Dressed in a corset, stockings and pumps

View of Rosa sitting up on the bunk, looking around the now empty cell which used to hold her two friends.

A collar restrains, chained to the wall
Her roommates are gone, gone to a ball

Rosa's eye view through her cell bars of the Duke standing on the hold ladder, a pen and paper in his hands.

Duke on ship's ladder, coming to say
"A letter to daddy, ransom he'll pay"

Rosa, standing before her bunk, discovering that the neck chain will not allow her to even walk to the bars.

"I will sign nothing, nothing of yours"
Baroness declares, she's not so sure

The Duke, opening the cell door and speaking.

"Don't be so certain, can't I persuade?"
"Whipping in public, body displayed?"

View from the top of the ladder as the half naked Rosa is being dragged up on deck by her neck chain.

"You would not do that, you wouldn't dare"
The next thing she knows, she's dragged up there

Dragged up to the poop, his eyes are hard
Girl in a corset, strung to a yard

Close up of Rosa's toes suspended above the deck. In the background the ship's crew is gathering around, grins on their rough faces, cocks in their hands.

Feet kicking freely, above the boards
Crew with their cocks out, hanging before

Full frontal view of Rosa feeling the whip bite into her bare bottom. Untied, her feet kick wildly.

Displayed like trophy, hanging and bare
A long skinny whip, shows her he cares

Rear view of Rosa, standing at a desk, writing a letter to her dying father. Her bottom, lower back and upper thighs are covered in a network of painful looking welts.

Letter is written, in her own hand
Welts on her rump, force her to stand

View of Rosa being lowered into a long boat by her shackled wrists. She is wearing a leather slaver's hoodwink, complete with a large ball gag, silk stockings, wrist and ankle chains and nothing else.

Baroness Von Trapp, taken for sport
Stocking his garden, in distant port

We see Rosa being delivered to the torch lit castle courtyard in the dead of night. Waiting on the steps of the keep are the King, his daughter and the Duke's son.

Welcomed at castle, the ransom unpaid
Slave girl in trouble, gonna get laid

High angle view of the castle's dungeon. Rosa's wrists have been attached up to a dangling chain, her hoodwink has been removed and the Princess is caressing her between the legs as she speaks.

"Titles mean nothing, girl on a chain"
Until ransom comes, your world is pain

The fingers within, the singing cat
Girl in a dungeon, fire in the fat

We see a rear view of Rosa hanging limp from her wrist manacles, her bottom a mass of red welts, having her picture taken by the Duke's son with a tripod mounted camera and flash powder.

To help raise the dough, tintypes are made
Daughter in dungeon, 'till ransom is paid

We see a once gentle but now shabby looking bedroom where an old man lies dead, the pictures of his daughter on the covers where he has dropped them. Standing beside the bed an old nun looks on, weeping in sorrow.

It does them no good, blood from a stone
No ransom arrives, an orphan alone

We see a street scene of rioting people, one of whom is waving a flag that bears the number 1848.

Revolt in the streets, King overthrown
Republic declared, an empty throne

Rear view of the Duke and his son, being taken in chains out the front door of their own keep by several policemen.

Seven months later, his title hers
Ex Duke in a prison, doing long years

The former Duke and his son, having their first prison gang rape. They are tied, bent over opposite ends of the same bunk bed so that each is looking into the other's eyes as a long line of fellow convicts is raping them.

Sweet scented nectar, insects to trap
The Duke met his match, Duchess Von Trapp