Garage Level Eight
by Peter Loaf

Home from the market, the longest day
The Dow collapsing, future in play
Underground parking
My ticket marking
Scream from the distance, someone astray

Somewhere below me, deep underground
A woman screaming, echoing sound
Three ramps below
The sound of a blow
No cell phone service, no-one around

The lift door opens, I press the one
Eight button lighting, decent begun
Screaming gets clearer
It’s coming nearer
Level eight opens, a sight to stun

My roommate naked, bound under lash
My boyfriend whipping, his cracker slash
Her bottom welted
Her butter melted
Pussy lips crimson, chest in a rash

Screaming full throated, legs in a splits
He hears the lift door, his whistle hits
Screaming for mercy
His face perversey
Dancing and prancing, shuddering fits

Button one stabbing, going no where
His smile widens, seeing me there
“Come join the parting”
“We’re only just starting”
“Your roommate betrayed, and fair is fair”

“I know your secrets, your lesbian ways”
“The porno files, in bed for days”
For stairway breaking
His hard hand taking
Handcuffed and helpless, my subbie phase

The basement echoes, screaming carries
His bippy whistles, its bite harries
Driven like cattle
Losing the battle
Stripped in a jiffy, my kick parries

Binding me sitting, back to the pipe
Straddle leg stretching, my pussy ripe
Roommate before me
Tries to ignore me
Bippy stick whistles, full throated yipe

A winding of rope, windpipe to grip
Front row I’m watching, pussy lips drip
I’m almost touching
My fingers clutching
Nipples extended, chained in a crypt

Bi bondage dreaming, thought he was straight
Bippy stick hitting, her swollen gate
My hands chained above
My fluttering dove
Our perfect Master, knowing too late

Finally a fucking, her screaming changed
Welt bottom gripping, roommate deranged
Screaming orgasmic
Expression spastic
Whites of eyes showing, fluids exchanged

Lesbian lovers, Masters us both
Stable becoming, the raven quoth
Never more lonesome
The perfect threesome
His lesbian lovers, we take an oath

 Garage Level Eight