by Peter Loaf

Twin sister captives, the prison camp
Making example, revolt to stamp
Storm troopers visit
Tortures exquisite
Helpless and naked, our pussies damp

Twin sister captives, hourly shows
The warden hosting, exposing pose
Tippy toe lifting
Subbie space drifting
Flogging our bottoms, red as a rose

The troopers cuing, two lines for each
Hung up for fucking, lessons to teach
Prison camp service
They donít deserve us
Begging and pleading, screaming beseech

Oreo cookie, getting it twice
One in the pussy, other not nice
Double fucked sisters
Hard nipple twisters
The fence unguarded, a night of vice

A sudden report, flash and a bang
Watch tower toppled, warning bell clang
The fences falling
The rebels calling
Strung up and helpless, can only hang

Storm troopers dying, far from their guns
The rebels sweeping, the skirmish won
Rescue effected
Sisters affected
Gang raped and gamey, smelling of Hun

The raid successful, the prison burned
Warden left hanging, the fate he earned
The empire crumbles
Whispers and mumbles
Twin sister victims, our lessons learned