by Peter Loaf

Prince in His palace, the upstairs maid
His power complete, the piper paid
Bound stripped in silence
Eyes full of violence
Hustled to dungeon, gonna get laid

Made of strong timbers, set in concrete
The gallows waiting, helpless complete
Naked young beauty
A well-built cutie
Big titted skinny, His midnight treat

Bound to the upright, elbows and wrists
Ankle to shackle, nipple tips kissed
Other leg hoisting
lower lips moisting
Pussy exposing, vertical splits

Quiver kick wiggle, sexy display
His hands exploring, nipple clamp play
Tickle lick nuzzle
Piece of her puzzle
Pussy juice dripping, ready to lay

Trumpet call buzzing, the highest note
His tongue invading, man in the boat
Nipple chain tugging
Pulling the rugging
Helpless young captive, having no vote

Knobby rod thrusting, screaming in fear
Fuck me froth gushing, needing Him here
Drooling and dripping
His foreskin stripping
Slipping within her, getting in gear

Hung on the gallows, her helpless lust
Pussy lips gripping, milking His must
His seed hes sowing
Her passion knowing
Royal succession, His final thrust