G Man

 by Peter Loaf

Interrogation, hopeless my fix

Wrist and throat yoking, the lock it ticks

Exotic dancer

Questions to answer

Gangster mol holding, government pricks

 G-Man 1

Safe-house for keeping, stocks on my feet

Shuffle bitch helpless, a naked treat

Body presented

Trousers well tented

G-man so ruthless, my bottom beat


On trunk positioned, titties and knees

Butt high and open, my unheard pleas

Gentle the touching

Love muscle clutching

Fingerfuck slipping, my dripping crease

 G-Man 2

Wiggle fight helpless, owned by the Man

G spot massaging, part of his plan

High hot and ready

Ready for beddy

Leather belt whipping, my burning can


Hot naked prisoner, trapped in the oaks

Passion's sweet shelter, like lots of folks

Subbie lust rising


Mastered slave broken, fixed in the yokes


Secrets I'm telling, under the lash

Passion breaks taking, my systems crash

Questions keep coming

Thumb in my plumbing

High hot and horny, my dripping gash


Climbing to mount me, instinct to run

Pussy stretch filling, his biggest gun

Subbie lust blooming

Boyfriend I'm dooming

G man my Master, my only one