by Peter Loaf

The night descending, might making right
Fascists in power, holding so tight
Secret renditions
Brutal conditions
Kicking the doors in, dragged into night

Peace nuts and lefties, anyone odd
Retraining centers, orders from God
Those that see reason
New Masters pleasin'
Sent to the auctions, riding roughshod

Girl in sub-basement, so dank and cold
Slave girl in training, curing the scold
Off campus hide-out
Whipping her pride out
Frogbound and flummoxed, gonna be sold

New Master's orders, "Teach her to mind"
Titty trap torture, arms in a bind
Left here for hours
Within their powers
Naked and waiting, binding unkind

Pussy lips piercing, the locking rings
Cropper for spanking, her nipple stings
Pussy lips swelling
Pussy juice smelling
Her protests silent, clipping her wings

Some footsteps coming, shivering fear
Frogbound and broken, dripping a tear
New order rotten
Freedom forgotten
Training completed, fucked in the rear

Frogbound and hopeless, laid on the floor
His zipper zipping, used as a whore
Ass up and open
Held by his ropin'
Thunderfuck ripping, his final chore