by Peter Loaf

Frisky and foolish, sexual sprite
Waiting for lover, the shackles tight
The keys are hanging, right there in sight
Naked Iím waiting, party tonight

My juicy pussy, sitting on rug
My gift of passion, my holes heíll plug
Pussy lips itching, the tidal tug
Waiting impatient, my loverís mug

Due any minute, keys in the door
Finding me waiting, pleasure in store
His briefcase dropping, there on the floor
His trousers tenting, knowing what for

The phone starts ringing, answer machine
Call from my lover, off to Racine
Weekend of meetings, at Slumber Queen
Panic comes crashing, a horror scene

Dragging my bottom, get to the phone
Leaving a slime trail, nipples in cone
Hogtied and helpless, Iím home alone
Weekend of waiting, my chances blown

Tipping the table, screaming his name
Dial tone buzzing, boarding his plane
His cell phone ringing, need to explain
His voice mail reaching, oh what a pain

Handcuffed and helpless, going nowhere
Weekend spent lonesome, just isnít fair
Pussy proud plaything, serving up rare
Frisky and foolish, no one to care

The sound of footsteps, key in the lock
The door swings open, picture my shock
Lover stands grinning, hard as a rock
Learning my lesson, earning his cock

His web cam watching, knowing my plight
The phone call faking, gave me a fright
Frisky and foolish, sexual sprite
Lover comes rutting, weekend delight