by Peter Loaf

Feet in the gutter, hands in the air
His hands exploring, my perfect pair
Nipples erecting
Closely inspecting
Tickle tip touching, under His care

A frame of iron, two bars of steel
Bottom presented, bippy to feel
On tip-toes teeter
The dirty cheater
The bippy whistles, the pain so real

Nipple tip welting, my scream of pain
Flutter foot kicking, nothing I gain
My offered body
A helpless hottie
Subbie submitting, gurgling drain

Framed foxed and flummoxed, the dancing girl
Hung up and hurting, head in a whirl
He softly chuckles
His belt unbuckles
Rosy cheeks slapping, my toes to curl

A butt hook lifting, feet kicking free
Three way suspension, my screaming plea
His cock comes dripping
My hips Hes gripping
Filling my pussy, big as a tree

The frame is holding, my boobies grabbed
The pleasure mounting, my pussy stabbed
Slipping and sliding
His big meat ridding
Framed fucked and flummoxed, my cervix jabbed

Gripping His member, my pussy tight
Milking his essence, my future bright
Flutter-foot helpless
The inner caress
His breathing ragged, first time tonight

Deeply hes thrusting, into His hilt
My welts forgotten, so well Hes built
Pleasure suspended
By frame Im bended
Humping and coming, my circuits tilt