by Peter Loaf

Morning formation, punishment stocks
The twin planks holding, ticking of locks
The troopers brutal
Resistance futile
Juicy and naked, stiffening cocks

Khaki clad soldiers, the new offense
Fascist storm troopers, the times are tense
Enemy shudders
Lashing her udders
Screaming for mercy, end of pretense

Dancing girl pillared, bent over back
The lash comes snapping, whistling crack
Her body burning
The troopers yearning
Morning formation, her future black

Hands on her body, between her thighs
Kiss nipple suckle, the captured prize
Her hips hes lifting
His phallus rifting
Thunder-fuck pumping, gargling cries

Her time is coming, passion restrained
Belted and welted, pulling a train
Conquerors lusting
Gripping and thrusting
The captive coming, endless refrain

Distant disturbance, sound a of gun
The captain falling, Death in the sun
Second man falling
The Reaper calling
The rape forgotten, the troopers run

The rescue party, bait in the trap
A blanket wrapping, taking a nap
The troopers trapping
And Death comes rapping
The fascists flopping, end of their crap