by Peter Loaf

A piece of flotsam, left on the beach
A night of terror, Allah beseech
The reef was hidden
Hatch cover ridden
White slaver Arabs, their bones to bleach

The beach deserted, African shore
Some scattered wreckage, a cabin door
Some tangled cables
Some chests and tables
Last night a tempest, there may be more

African farmer, riding his mule
Picking up driftwood, beachcombing fuel
Circling vulture
Sea salvage culture
Treasures delivered, he is no fool

Rounding the headland, sight for sore eyes
Naked young woman, beautiful prize
Horny black farmer
Sexy white charmer
Slave collar wearing, in wreckage lies

Exhausted sleeping, quiet approach
Her body perfect, beyond reproach
High tight and rounded
Farmer astounded
Tangled in rigging, his beach encroach

Rolling her over, binding her wrists
Her desperate struggles, she fights and twists
The iron collar
Her unheard holler
Hogtied and helpless, her clenching fists

Pleading for mercy, her voice husky
Her captor grinning, his skin dusky
Her foreign lingo
Testicles tingle
Slave girl to service, the man lusty

Tied over saddle, starting for home
Hand on her bottom, starting to roam
Tickle touch toying
Skillful employing
Fingers in pussy, dripping with foam

Face down and helpless, frying pan fire
The Arab slavers, conditions dire
A midnight party
The crowd so arty
Waking up naked, sex slaves acquire

The engine thumping, eight girls below
New crop of sex slaves, getting to know
Each girl regretting
Tropical sweating
The glass was dropping, in for a blow

The farmer’s hovel, made of mud bricks
His chickens crowing, she fights and kicks
He drags her inside
He shows her his pride
Hung like a donkey, her lips she licks

A singletree fetching, strapping her wrists
Her ankles fixing, cease and desist
Backwards she’s bowing
Better for knowing
Bending to nuzzle, her pussy kissed

Chained to his bedstead, spread for service
Screaming in Swedish, saints preserve us
His phallus engorged
Relationship forged
Her pussy prepared, he’s glad to service

Bent and presenting, stretching her wide
Screaming denial, sliding inside
The sex slave Mastered
The big black bastard
Hot phallus thrusting, taking a ride

Quarter yard filling, pinching her nips
Pussy lips gripping, humping her hips
Orgasms crashing
Her chips she’s cashing
His semen spurting, love muscle grips