by Peter Loaf

Night on the wild side, just had to know
Moll Flanders clubbing, watching the show
My partner and me
Sweet Annie Dupree
Out of town tourists, half drunken glow

The show just over, Annie upset
Swearing at Molly, moneyback get
The bouncer pouncing
Our fate announcing
“Two for the late show, and keep them wet”

Roughly manhandled, taken in back
Molly brings Annie, head in a sack
Mountain man stripping
Sanity slipping
Leather cuffs buckled, behind my back

Sat on a pallet, back to a post
Sitting position, bound for the coast
My sweater remains
My bladder it drains
Ankle shanks clipping, making the most

Sweet Annie hooded, black leather blind
Blindly she’s fighting, losing her mind
A white rubber cock
A collar and lock
Annie stripped naked, put in my bind

White cuffs and collar, white rubber gag
Tears flowing freely, from crying jag
Nipple tips pinking
Fear sweat she’s stinking
Captive restraining, bitch in the bag

The phallus fearing, Sweet Annie fights
The bouncer nearing, gag ball she bites
Dropping his trousers
Oh golly wowsers
Pussy gush spurting, eyes showing whites

Our captors chuckle, watching us squirm
The bouncer bouncing, His hardened worm
Molly’s eyes burning
Our tummies churning
Mistress Moll Flanders, “Fortune you’ll earn”

Left here for stewing, darkness complete
Sweet Annie crying, kicking her feet
I try to console
My swollen wet hole
The late show talent, the two o’clock treat

The light returning, the bouncer grins
Our pallets rolling, the show begins
A crowd of perverts
Fresh pussy squirts
Fear of exposure, my head it spins

My fear releasing, my passion soars
Subbie lust frothing, the crowd it roars
Sight and smell sexy
Love muscle flexie
Fixed up for cropping, the distant shores

The bouncer filming, Molly pinking
Spreader bar strapping, cervix winking
Vulva wide open
To strains of Chopin
The crop tip slapping, my splatter stinking

Annie the virgin, watching His dong
Big as a bicep, nine inches long
Her struggles for naught
The tiny dike caught
My body explodes, knowing no wrong

The stink of semen, the crowd expends
Sweet Annie screaming, doing the bends
Pussy presented
Nothing prevented
Left high and hanging, orgasm sends

After show over, sent on our way
Annie still virgin, holding our pay
A fortune in tips
My pink burning lips
A chunk of the gross, internet play