Fate Of The Favorite
by Peter Loaf

Concubine captured, men in the night
My binding brutal, my hoodwinked plight
A knifepoint pricking, the straps too tight
Hobble link shuffle, I cannot fight

Taken from palace, humming distress
Bent over saddle, his handís caress
Stripping me naked, ripping my dress
My pussy dripping, I must confess

The desert chilly, my ass aflame
Riding crop slashing, my will to tame
Ass up presented, the rebelís game
Fingers intruding, tough to explain

Passionate captive, melting within
High mountain climbing, dressed in my skin
The hoodwink blinding, heís gonna win
The straps tight binding, my elbows pin

The horses stopping, end of the ride
Naked and panting, carried inside
My body blushing, canít be denied
Pussy lips swollen, the death of pride

Taken to tower, dangling strap
Hoodwink removing, a stinging slap
Concubine baiting, the rebelís trap
The Kingdom totters, ransom kidnap

Flutter kick dangle, spreader bar fixed
My captor stepping, my thighs betwixt
His organ probing, my pussy slicks
My passion showing, my pussy grips

Hands squeezing boobies, thrusting below
Finger flick twiddle, on with the show
Hung up and helpless, passion I know
Thrusting and busting, pussy juice flow

The King is coming, the trap is set
The archers waiting, the rebels bet
The king dies trying, his fate is met
Concubine conquered, my pussy wet

Fate Of The Favorite