by Peter Loaf

Pillory public, wrists ankles throat
Naked exposure, escape remote
The planks holding tight
My pussy a sight
The crowd delighted, they’ve come to gloat

Exposed to torments, body blushing
The crowd is rowdy, pussy gushing
Ruling class daughter
Passing my water
Ice water spraying, the stage flushing

The mighty fallen, the tables turned
Daughter of power, privileges burned
It’s no use scolding
The rebels holding
Naked and helpless, my fate well earned

Pain pleasure panic, bottom belted
The crowd cheering, reserve melted
Pussy lips swelling
Passion scent smelling
Ruling class daughter, with fruit pelted

Passion comes calling, held in the stocks
Butt up and thrusting, series of cocks
The endless repeat
Exposure complete
Thrown into dungeon, ticking of locks