Exposed by Peter Loaf

by Peter Loaf

Senior pictures, sent by my friend
The trap Iím walking, a sticky end
Cottage deserted
Purpose perverted
Stripped to my stockings, cannot defend

Their faces covered, my captors five
Gripping my elbows, captured alive
Groping hands knowing
Pussy juice flowing
My secret desires, bees from a hive

Head harness ball gag, sheathing my arms
A corset lacing, my nipple charms
The camera flashing
My systems crashing
Wet dreaming needy, sound the alarms

My nature subbie, my secret kept
Sleep-over folly, we never slept
My very best friend
The rules we bend
Pillow-talk trusting, my secret schlepped

Here in a cottage, out on a lake
The pictures taking, for goodness sake
Stretching my nipples
Dildo with ripples
Rigged to my corset, on shake and bake

Left on my lonesome, vibratorís song
Cameraman busy, it wonít be long
Whip cracker hurting
Reserve deserting
The subbie exposed, for right or wrong

My best friend ever, takes off her hood
Her hands caressing, tickle my pud
The fun beginning
Whip cracker stinging
Pain passion mixing, doing me good