by Peter Loaf

Kenny persuasive, his golden growl
My subbie needing, out on the prowl
Wet dreaming maiden
Fantasies laden
Deep dungeon quiet, come fair or fowl

Wooden chair bondage, rigging with care
Folded legs spreading, shaved of my hair
My feelings complex
He tickles my sex
Body responding, in season mare

Chair with no bottom, thumb in my bum
His words like syrup, his greasy thumb
Ratchet jack clinking
Pussy lips stinking
Vibrator rising, powerful hum

Jackhammer blurring, biting my tongue
Pussy lips dripping, swollen, bee-stung
Bugger resisted
Nipple tip twisted
Pain passion triggered, my song well sung

High in my colon, greasy and slow
My pussy blooming, star of the show
Leather crop snapping
Wide pussy slapping
Pinking to crimson, clitty to grow

Spankings by daddy, over too soon
Pain passion secret, Iím loony tune
Iím needing a top
Nothing will stop
Passion pain needing, that night in June

Sneaking in midnight, pants in my hand
Been out with Willy, trumpeter man
His lipís perfection
Passionís infection
Saving my cherry, sixty-nine plan

Daddy was waiting, sitting in dark
Over knee pulling, eyes of a shark
My arm high twisting
ďAnd no resisting!Ē
Hand printing bottom, leaving a mark

Bare bottom spanking, higher than high
The pain exciting, cannot deny
Loving my topping
Suddenly stopping
Squirting in passion, pheromones fly

Spanking abandoned, never again
A wall between us, ice age begin
Father and daughter
A man shouldnít oughter
Leaving me needing, steeping in sin

Wet dreaming maiden, fantasies rich
Stink-finger habit, scratching my itch
Self bondage trying
ĎTil almost dying
A master needed, one horny bitch

My secret keeping, I shopped around
Haunting the chat rooms, playing the clown
Trolling for Masters
Most are disasters
But then came Kenny, and now Iím bound

Pussy whipped frantic, rattle and hum
Bouncing on dildo, tight as a drum
Red spread and waiting
First ever dating
Pussy hook probing, I nearly cum

Pussy suspended, my hymen rips
My weight taking, vibrator slips
Sitting on clitty
Showing no pity
Kenny the quiet, coming to grips

Inner thigh cropping, patty-cake too
Hung high and hurting, and black and blue
Pussy juice spraying
Passion betraying
Pussy hook dancing, sensations new

The whirlpool waters, dragging under
My passion peaking, torn asunder
The world returning
My body burning
His Mastery complete, roll of thunder

Still in my rigging, minus the chair
Waterbed bed flopping, going nowhere
Hymen blood licking
Snaky tongue sticking
Pleasure awakens, thousand yard stare

This time heís gentle, lover retrained
Violin solo, his slave restrained
Responses learning
Orgasms earning
Hard bound and helpless, lady detained

I wiggle and strain, dropping penny
My moment of truth, epiphany
Helpless presented
Nothing prevented
My future depends, guy named Kenny