The English Woman
by Peter Loaf


The English Woman, brought to my camp
Opium smoking, out like a lamp
I am The Raptor
I pay her captor
Arab white slaver, I am the champ

My camp well guarded, by men I trust
Slave breaking expert, cracking the crust
We love the English
All swagger and swish
Properly broken, sluts full of lust

Frame of hard planking, stripped to her skin
Opium dreaming, wetness within
The stocks Iím locking
Domino knocking
Slave breaking science, process begin

Waking up slowly, mutter and twitch
Her head in lumber, a nose to itch
Her eyes uncrossing
Her tone of bossing
Memsahib manner, a stinging switch

Her screaming echoes, music my ears
Stock in trade tool, feeding their fears
The others listen
My victim pissiní
Imperious manner, my treatment cures

Properly broken, three times the price
Vibrator stretching, casting the dice
Spread eagle fastened
The welts amassiní
Soon have her acting, all sweet and nice

Her body burning, her pussy wide
A shaft of copper, pushing inside
The switch Iím flipping
Her pussy dripping
Fresh screams Iím earning
Memsahib training, breaking her pride

The copper phallus, high voltage twitch
Insistent finger, her clitty itch
Pepper oil spreading
Wetting her bedding
A distant thunder, hard charging bitch

Two weeks to market, plenty of time
Well broken subbie, worth every dime
A fat purse clinking
Pussy juice stinking
Sex slaves delivered, white slaver crime