Enemy Spy
by Peter Loaf

Hung up and naked, the reasonís why
Trousseau displaying, the clear blue sky
Thereís no escaping, Iím gonna die
Butt first a fucking, enemy spy

Hung up to bugger, impact of lash
Helpless convulsions, quarter yard dash
Prime cutlet packaged, my systems crash
Pussy lips dripping, the crackerís splash

Fingers come wiggle, probing ďgĒ spot
Hand bound and hobbled, Iím gaping hot
Boobie squeeze pinching, my running snot
The lash comes snapping, my quiver shot

Dancing demented, ass in the air
Beauty in motion, my swinging pair
Thunder fuck entry, gripping my hair
Rapist robustus, under his care

A second soldier, cock in his hand
A ring of steel, a leather band
Pried wide and buckled, sodomy planned
Helplessly screaming, hopeless demand

The squadron gathers, watching the show
The troopers hooting, the naked ho
Hung up and helpless, cannot say no
Fifty-three horsemen, the fires below

The trumpets sounding, the brassy blare
My passion rising, gasping for air
Thunder fuck wilting, ready to share
The next man bigger, his broody mare

Rode at a gallop, using the whip
Orgasm crashing, losing my grip
Passion bright bursting, letting it rip
The circle watching, starting to strip

The cannonís thunder, enemies die
The bullets zipping, trying to fly
The troopers slaughtered, around the spy
Mission accomplished, come and untie

Enemy Spy