With Six You Get Egg Roll
by Peter Loaf

Ginza club private, special back room
A crop of newbies, I’m here to groom
A pussy gazer
Stropping my razor
My hot wax ready, pussies will bloom

Heads and tail barber, flexible neck
Blind tied and helpless, closely inspect
Inside kimono
A muffled “Oh no!”
Near panic newbie, my first select

Hung up inverted, ankles spread wide
Pussy wax spreading, the cloth applied
The chilling wax yanked
The hairless cunt spanked
Returned to futon, a hairless bride

The girl beside her, trying to kick
Wider spread hangers, punishment trick
The rig is tested
Resistance bested
Barber’s pole stiffie, keeping it quick

The third one crying, snuffling nose
The fourth one trying, her effort shows
I pick number five
She seems most alive
The hoist upending, grooming for pros

Brought to the city, promised good pay
Yakuzza club work, slaves from that day
Geishas well broken
Bought in Hoboken
Shipped in container, Tokyo Bay

The last girl waiting, more lively yet
Her pussy prouding, she’s getting set
So her I do prone
And then I do bone
Fucking her frisky, juicy and wet

Every six wax jobs, I get to dip
The girls get serviced, who gives a shit
They haven’t a choice
They’re best when they’re moist
Fucking her silly, don’t want to quit

With Six You Get Egg Roll