Eagle and Serpent by Peter Loaf
Eagle and Serpent
by Peter Loaf

The Princess taken, ransom demand
The hero summoned, her rescue planned
The eagle flying
The Princess dying
The serpent slithers, the falling sand

Mountaintop bondage, tied to a stake
The Princess shivers, starting to shake
Linage royal
The hero loyal
The eagle screaming, the snake awake

The serpent rider, battleaxe high
The eagle swooping, its battle cry
The lance point gleaming
Misty mount steaming
The titans fighting, good day to die

The serpent weaving, the eagleís eye
The lance point tracking, and coming nigh
Battleaxe whistle
Razor sharp missile
The eagle wounded, falling from sky

Rising from wreckage, hero attack
The serpentís writhing, leaves bloody track
The lance point pinning
Fight just beginning
Heroís sword singing, heís driving back

The clang of armor, the glint of steel
The axe recovered, parry and wheel
Desperate the battle
The captive chattel
Helpless half naked, ransom to steal

The eagle rising, wing dripping gore
The serpent hissing, the devilís spore
Needle sharp talons
Blood by the gallons
Serpent and rider, for never more

Eagle and Serpent