Dragon Rider
by Peter Loaf

The princess waiting, dawn’s early light
The hours of darkness, the endless night
The dragon coming, her bondage tight
The fate of virgins, needing a knight

Her Royal duty, protect and serve
Her people hiding, lacking the nerve
The dragon flaming, her toothsome curve
His morsel waiting, tasty hors d’oeuvre

Leather wings flapping, the distant sky
Fixed to the pillar, she’s gonna die
Offering tribute, her flesh to fry
Maidenhead worthy, oh me oh my

The shadow passing, scorching the brush
The bowmen fleeing, cowardly rush
The smoke clouds billow, the virgin’s blush
The dragon’s rider, finger to hush

Her shackles melted, taken aboard
The helpless hostage, the dragon’s hoard
The dragon rider, his golden sword
The mountain aerie, they’re flying toward

Fearful of falling, passion inflamed
The dragon rider, the princess claimed
Maidenhead busted, the mating gamed
Flying united, his Princess tamed