Double Date
by Peter Loaf

Twin sister subbies, driving along
Lights in the distance, a siren’s song
Both dressed the same
In costume we came
Subbie Twist Sisters, getting it wrong

A certain swagger, a crooked cop
I am the bottom, Sis playing top
Hoodwink and gag-ball
In bondage and all
First time in public, a traffic stop

Ball gagged and hooded, the jig is up
Roughed cuffed arrested, the cop corrupt
Cavity searching
The darkness lurching
Bent over fender, my dripping cup

My sister struggles, she has no chance
The fight is over, at the first glance
Dressed for a party
In spandex arty
Hoodwinked and helpless, can only dance

Tippy-toe totter, darkness complete
Spandex and leather, the ropes defeat
Hooded and hobbled
My senses knobbled
Noose on my windpipe, His “Castle Keep”

My Sissy mumbles, gag blocked like me
Hands high and useless, needing to pee
Cheap cigar stinking
Missing our linking
A night in the dungeon, needing to flee

Started so simple, me and my sis
Our bedtime sessions, passionate bliss
Role switching subbies
Since we were chubbies
Subbie lust sisters, we never miss

Our secret sharing, our secret lust
Needing a Master, but who to trust
Joining a chat-room
Run from a frat-room
Subbie Twist Sisters, our needs discussed

A party planning, “Come meet the group”
Members persuading, deep in the soup
Highway deserted
Purpose perverted
Brought into dungeon, jump through the hoop

Hand on my bottom, fingers slip in
Subbie lust rising, shudder within
Spread-eagle bedding
Night of my wedding
Virgin slit open, let it begin

My sissy screaming, feeling her pain
The slappy paddle, slapping again
Gag garbled pleading
Old life receding
Double fucked sisters, games of the brain

A dildo buzzing, touched to my clit
Thrashing and crashing, having a fit
Sissy protesting
Best efforts besting
My bottom greasing, down where I shit

My pussy grieving, needy and wide
My bummer buggered, thrusting inside
Rattle bang bugger
Pulling the rugger
Mounting the mattress, ready to ride

Mouth filled with rubber, screaming in vain
His penis probing, tough to explain
My Hymen treasure
Blocking my pleasure
Gripping and ripping, I can’t complain

Fucking and bucking, vibrator dance
Slipping and stripping, his meaty lance
Blind and dumb glory
Feeling so whory
Spread-eagled helpless, deep in a trance

The morning hour, darkness complete
Spandex and leather, ropes still defeat
Hooded and hobbled
Our senses knobbled
Subbie Twist Sisters, there’s no retreat

The party over, the loosened knots
Subbie Twist Sisters, girls with the hots
Master and subbie
Cocks thin and chubby
Our cherries broken, end of our plots

Membership gathered, watching the show
Two horny pledges, dripping below
The hands are clapping
My fanny slapping
Member’s approval, just so we know

Hobble boot nightmares, pulled off with hiss
Walking toes pointed, my Sissy’s kiss
Two girls exhausted
By “Cop” accosted
“How ‘bout a threesome, in my office”

Our night in training, comes to the fore
Kneeling before Him, ready for more
Hands crossed and corded
Head-pat rewarded
Subbie state loving, His willing whore

Sissy sits watching, rubbing her feet
Letting Him bind me, hogtie complete
Rolling me over
The pro from Dover
Helpless and happy, licking my sweet

Subbie lust weekend, passing around
Two on one switching, passions newfound
The Grand Procession
The final lesson
Two eager pussies one pussy hound

On Monday morning, back at my desk
Limping a little, they’ll never guess
A dreamy grinning
A GOOD beginning
Under my sweater, my Spandex dress