Door To Door
by Peter Loaf

Selling subscriptions, working her way
Magazine vendor, earning her pay
Door to door selling, late in the day
Her quota filling, the pervert’s prey

Handsome big bruiser, asking her in
Locking behind her, trapping within
Screaming in panic, tasting of tin
Taken to basement, the games begin

The wrist rope wrapping, binding unkind
Panties removing, gripping behind
The gag ball shoving, the rubber kind
Helpless young co-ed, his latest find

Ropes on her titties, ropes on her thighs
Hung from her tresses, his captured prize
Binding her elbows, gag muffled cries
Rope in her pussy, widening eyes

Suckle her nipples, tickle her clit
Spanking her bottom, shuddering fit
Helpless and naked, feeling the twit
Door to door selling, she should’a quit

Standing on tip toes, hung by her hair
Her captor chuckles, underground lair
Nipples push outward, her perfect pair
Suckle lick nibble, under his care

Leaving her hanging, putter around
Dancing suspended, freedom unfound
Shaving kit bringing, he’s sitting down
Pubic hair snipping, the dirty hound

Straight razor scraping, leaving her nude
The cooze rope crushing, setting the mood
Tickle clit teasing, never a prude
Hung up so horny, Masterful dude

Slapping her bottom, get to his feet
Spanking her titties, defeat complete
Her body hugging, gag muffled bleat
Hoisting her ankles, a special treat

Hung up for fucking, folded in two
The cooze rope loosened, for something new
His cock comes worming, and pushing through
Her vulva stretching, tight as a shoe

Fucking her slowly, sensuous dance
Hands on her bobbies, given no chance
Spearing her center, his meaty lance
Subbie space floating, passionate trance

Pain/pleasure tripping, onrushing lust
Helpless and kicking, ready to bust
Flying united, tasting of rust
The basement reeking, smelling of must

Humping and thrusting, driving it in
Pussy lips gripping, knowing no sin
Nipple pinch gripping, score it a win
Semen comes spurting, planted within

Then when its over, left here to hang
Tippy toe dancing, ready to bang
Phoning his buddies, calling his gang
Three for one special, the whole shebang

Co-ed returning, just before dawn
The campus empty, left on the lawn
Still in her bondage, her captors gone
The cops discover, they done her wrong