Don't Walk
by Peter Loaf

Clear plastic cat suit, collar and belt
Shackled and hobbled, joker been dealt
Thunderstorm rumble
Stiff legged stumble
The street deserted, pussy drip smelt

One place uncovered, dripping my juice
My wet spot growing, thereís no excuse
The Donít Walk flashing
My chips Iím cashing
Waiting for pickup, night of abuse

A van approaches, slowing to look
Naked and helpless, liberties took
The screeching of tires
A pair of pliers
Two hooded strangers, the baited hook

The chain link cutting, wish I could run
A curtained darkness, under the gun
The van skedaddles
Thereís whips and paddles
Stiff plastic cat suit, the games begun

A razor slitting, opens with ease
The plastic parting, the cooling breeze
My body drenching
Sweaty intention
Pheromones rising, the ripest cheese

A hoodwink zipping, out go the lights
A hardness probing, I have no rights
My pussy gripping
His foreskin stripping
Love muscle mugging, hot muggy nights

Driving in circles, taking their turns
Big gag inflated, libido learns
Body betraying
Passion displaying
Subbie space hooker, my bridge it burns

Don't Walk