Dog Trainer's A
by Peter Loaf

Night to remember, night to forget
Started out simple, a joking bet
Roping for raping
Magic escaping
Drunk and so horny, subbie so wet

His place in Soho, His artistís loft
The taxi stuffy, embarrassed cough
So horny stinking
My pussy pinking
Driverís eyes watching, no longer soft

My pick-up chuckles, handsome and dark
His teeth bright shining, having a lark
Iím drunker than sin
Iím drunker than him
Top floor of factory, teeth of a shark

Building deserted, spooky quiet
His grip on my arm, gotta try it
My bondage debut
My rising sex phew
Drunk hot and horny, canít deny it

Iron door sliding, a spacious place
The skylight mooning, His living space
My belt I loosen
His moment choosiní
Dog trainer waiting, end of the chase

An A-frame wooden, roping my wrists
Ankles and belly, hair in a twist
Perfect position
Horny condition
Butt up presented, my bottom kissed

Uselessly tugging, I feel the rush
Doggy style trainer, whole body blush
A slash from a crop
My subbie to Top
Pussy lips swelling, my sudden gush

Escape forgotten, gimme some more
Subbie lust screaming, natural pain whore
His crop on my lips
Then pinching my tits
Hard bound presented, knowing what for

Center of mattress, butt up and proud
His leathers lower, over endowed
My lips Iím licking
His pecker sticking
Heady scent cheesy, tonsils enshroud

Gagging and gasping, fucked in the face
Pussy gapes hungry, my starving place
Pony retracting
The crop impacting
Helpless pup punished, my buttocks laced

Pink pussy swollen, the Magiís gift
Pony cock splitting, subbie adrift
Riding the pleasure
Finding my treasure
High hot in training, his member stiff

Big black and greasy, breaching my gates
Biggest cock ever, all of my dates
Full gallop ridden
Nothing is hidden
Doggy style fucking, My hubby hates

Tied to the trainer, hung from a hook
Swing around dizzy, my open book
Some lips and a tongue
A deep rumble hum
Titty pinch triggers, liberties took

Closet door swinging, caught on the hop
Badge on his pocket, hubby the cop
His dick in his hand
A twosome theyíve planned
Secret discovered, not gonna stop

Two on one sharing, one on each end
Subbie space drifting, around the bend
The trap theyíre snapping
Bent bottom slapping
Swapping ends spinning, cannot defend

Greasy thumb poking, my pooper probed
Gag gargle choking, trials of Job
From both ends fucking
Two on one trucking
Convulsive bucking, my senses strobed

Then in the morning, more of the same
No sense objecting, still on the frame
Butt up presented
Escape prevented
Subbie lust gifted, the frame to tame

Hubby has secret, not always straight
The pick-upís lover, friends from the Haight
A heads up given
To Soho driven
Hubby in closet, watching my date

Two on one happy, threesome OK
The weekend party, bottom display
Dog under training
Passion prize gaining
Hubby and lover, I cannot stray